Free Internet for Disabled: How, Top 5 Providers, Plans

Free Internet for Disabled

Getting an internet plan has always been an issue for me as a low earning disabled young woman.

However, I found a way out when my cousin told me about the Free Internet for Disabled programs.

So I decided to give it a shot and I can now access the internet without paying a dime!

This article serves as a guide on how to enjoy these heavily discounted plans today.

What is the Free Internet for Disabled Program?

What is the Free Internet for Disabled Program?

The Free Internet for Disabled Program is an initiative that is available under various government assisted programs and collaborating providers that offer free and heavily discounted Internet services to the disabled. It’s important to note that these Internet Plans are almost free and not entirely free.

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Top 5 Free Internet for Disabled Providers

Top 5 Free Internet for Disabled Providers

These are the Top 5 Free Internet for Disabled Providers:

1. AT&T

AT&T offers a program that offers a free and low-cost wireless home internet plan designed to assist low-income households.

The program aims to bridge the digital divide and ensure that individuals with disabilities have access to essential internet services.

While not entirely free in most cases, this program provides substantial discounts on internet service like the AT&T AARP Discount for eligible participants.

2. Spectrum

Spectrum provides affordable high speed internet access to various underserved communities, including individuals with disabilities.

This service provider offers discounted internet service to make it more accessible for low income families, students, and seniors, including those with disabilities.

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3. PCs for People

PCs for People is a nonprofit organization dedicated to closing the digital divide by offering free and low cost computers and affordable internet connections.

Through PCs for People, individuals with disabilities who meet income and government assistance criteria can access high speed internet at significantly reduced rates.

4. Mediacom

Mediacom’s Connect2Compete program is designed to provide affordable home internet service to students and families across the country.

The program offers a discounted rate for internet access, making it more accessible to households that include students, including those with disabilities.

Mediacom’s aim is to facilitate connectivity for educational purposes.

5. Altice

Altice’s Advantage Internet is an offering from Altice that provides high speed internet access at an affordable price.

The program is geared towards individuals who participate in the National School Lunch Program, New York City students, senior citizens, or those receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

This initiative ensures that individuals with disabilities can stay connected and access essential online services at a lower cost.

How to Get Free Internet for Disabled Individuals

Follow these steps to Get Free Internet for Disabled Individuals:

  1. Determine if you or the disabled individual in question meets the eligibility criteria for free internet programs.
  2. Research and identify specific programs or initiatives that offer free internet access to disabled individuals. Some common programs include:
    • Lifeline
    • Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)
    • Access by AT&T
    • Spectrum Internet Assist
    • PCs for People:
  3. Gather the necessary documents, which may include proof of income, disability status, participation in government programs, and other required paperwork specified by the program or provider.
  4. Reach out to the selected program or internet service provider offering free or discounted internet access. Contact them via their website, customer service number, or designated application channels.
  5. Follow the application instructions provided by the program or provider. Provide accurate information and submit the required documentation.
  6. Once you’ve submitted your application, patiently await the approval process.
  7. Upon approval, you’ll receive instructions on how to set up and access your free internet service.

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Eligibility Criteria

These are the Eligibility Criteria to get Free Internet for Disabled:

  1. Your income level must fall within 135% or 150% of the federal poverty guidelines.
  2. You must be a participant in one or more of the following government assistance programs:
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
    • Medicaid
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance
    • Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit
    • National School Lunch Program

Required Documentation

These are the Required documentation to get Free Internet for Disabled:

  1. Proof of Identity:
    • Government issued photo ID
  2. Proof of Disability:
    • Doctor’s letter confirming disability
    • Disability award letter
    • Medical records verifying disability status
  3. Proof of Income:
    • Recent tax returns or W 2 forms
    • Pay stubs or proof of employment income
  4. Proof of Program Participation:
    • Benefit statements from government assistance programs
    • Enrollment letters from relevant programs
  5. Proof of Address:
    • Utility bill
    • Lease agreement
    • Official documents displaying your current residential address
  6. Social Security Number (SSN)

Top 5 Free Internet Plans for Disabled

These are the Top 5 Free Internet Plans for Disabled:

1. Access from AT&T

This plan offers an almost free wireless home internet for households with at least one member receiving SSI or SNAP benefits.

It provides high speed internet service per month. Subscribers can also benefit from a free smart router and access to AT&T Wi Fi hotspots.

2. Spectrum Internet Assist

Spectrum’s plan offers affordable high speed internet access. Users get to enjoy speeds of up to 30 Mbps, making it suitable for various online activities such as streaming and browsing.

Spectrum Internet Assist also includes a free modem and the option to add in home WiFi for an additional fee.

3. PCs for People Internet Assist

This nonprofit organization provides low cost computers and internet connections to eligible low income households.

Users can access high speed internet per month. Additionally, PCs for People offers affordable PC or laptop repair services, making it a comprehensive digital inclusion program.

4. Connect2Compete by Mediacom

Mediacom’s Connect2Compete offers an affordable home internet service plan per month. It provides users with internet speeds of up to 10 Mbps, suitable for various online tasks.

Eligible households can also benefit from no installation or equipment fees, ensuring a budget friendly option.

5. Altice Advantage Internet

Altice’s plan offers internet service with speeds of up to 30 Mbps per month. Subscribers receive a free smart router and modem for a seamless online experience.

To qualify, at least one household member must participate in the National School Lunch Program, be a New York City student, receive SSI, or be 65 years of age or older.

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Free Internet for Disabled Plans Comparison Table

This table compares all the free Internet plans for Disabled:

Internet PlanCost per MonthMaximum Speed (Mbps)Additional Benefits
Access by AT&T$5 $10Up to 10Free smart router, access to AT&T WiFi hotspots
Spectrum Internet Assist$14.99Up to 30Free modem, optional in home WiFi
PCs for People$11.25Up to 10Low cost PC/laptop repair services
Connect2Compete$9.95Up to 10No installation or equipment fees
Altice Advantage Internet$14.95Up to 30Free smart router and modem

How to Find Free Internet for Disabled Near Me

Follow these steps to find Free Internet for Disabled near me:

  1. Check the official websites of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) known for offering free or discounted Internet plans for disabled individuals.
  2. Call or email these ISPs directly. Ask about available plans and coverage in your area.
  3. Request detailed information on their disability specific programs.
  4. Contact local government agencies or social service offices. They can guide you to government sponsored internet assistance programs.
  5. Visit libraries, community centers, or disability support groups as they offer information on local programs.
  6. Seek recommendations from friends, family, or local disability support communities.
  7. Explore nonprofit organizations dedicated to supporting disabled individuals.

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Benefits of getting Free Internet for Disabled

The benefits of getting Free Internet for Disabled are:

  1. Free Internet enables disabled individuals to access crucial information, government services, and healthcare resources online.
  2. Disabled students can access online educational materials, attend virtual classes, and complete coursework from home.
  3. Internet access allows disabled individuals to search for job opportunities, apply for positions online, and work remotely if needed. It opens up new possibilities for earning an income.
  4. The Internet facilitates social interactions and reduces feelings of isolation among disabled individuals.
  5. Many healthcare providers offer telehealth services, allowing disabled individuals to consult with doctors and specialists from the comfort of their homes, reducing the need for travel.
  6. Free Internet can connect disabled individuals to assistive technologies and devices that improve their daily lives, such as screen readers, communication tools, and mobility aids.
  7. Access to free internet reduces the financial burden on disabled individuals and their families, as they don’t have to budget for monthly internet bills.
  8. Free Internet access empowers disabled individuals to manage various aspects of their lives independently, including banking, shopping, and accessing government services.

FAQs on the Free Internet for Disabled

Are there any age restrictions for getting free internet as a disabled individual?

As with all Lifeline assisted programs, the age restriction for getting free internet as a disabled individual is 18.

How long does it take to activate the free internet service after applying?

It takes about 5 days to 2 weeks to receive your free phone and activate it after applying.


The Provision of free Internet access for individuals with disabilities is a crucial step towards creating a more inclusive and equitable society, as access to the Internet has become an essential part of daily life, enabling people to connect, learn, work, and access essential services.

To qualify for Free Internet for the Disabled, you have to meet the Lifeline eligibility criteria, have a disability, and be a resident of the United States of America.


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