Life Wireless Free Phone Service: How to Get, Top 5 Plans

Life Wireless Free Phone Service

Ever feel like you’re constantly on a treadmill running against hefty phone bills?

Me too, until I found the golden ticket – Life Wireless free phone service.

In this post, I share how I got the free phone service for life from Life Wireless and how you can do the same.

What is the Life Wireless Free Phone Service Offer?

What Is the Life Wireless Free Phone Service Offer?

Life Wireless offers free phone service along with a limited number of voice minutes and text messages each month, to eligible customers through the federal Lifeline program.

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How to Get the Life Wireless Free Phone Service

Follow these steps to get the Life Wireless Free Phone Service:

  1. Make sure that you meet the eligibility requirements to get the free phone service from Life Wireless.
  2. After confirming eligibility, choose a plan that works for you.
  3. Once you have chosen a plan, apply for the service online on the Life Wireless website or by calling their customer service number.
  4. You must provide documentation to prove your eligibility after submitting your application. This includes a copy of your government assistance program enrollment or income verification.
  5. Once you have submitted your documents, you must await approval. The approval process usually takes 2-3 business days.
  6. After your account is approved, you will receive your free phone service in the mail within 7-10 business days.
  7. You can start using your free phone service from Life Wireless.

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Top 5 Life Wireless Free Phone Service Plans

These are the Top 5 Life Wireless Free Phone Service Plans:

  1. Life Wireless Unlimited Talk & Text Plan: The Life Wireless Unlimited Talk & Text plan provides free unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of monthly data.
  2. Life Wireless Basic Plan: The Life Wireless Basic plan provides free 1250 minutes, unlimited texting, and 500 MB of monthly data.
  3. Life Wireless Family Plan: The Life Wireless Family Plan offers free unlimited talk and text for four lines with up to 1 GB of shared data.
  4. Life Wireless Government Plan: This plan provides free unlimited talk and text with 2 GB of data per month. It is intended for qualified low-income individuals.
  5. Life Wireless Tribal Plan: The tribal plan offers free unlimited talk and text with 4 GB of monthly data for Native American tribes and their members.

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Free Life Wireless Phone Service Plans Comparison Table

This table compares all the Free Life Wireless Phone Service Plans:

PlansLife Wireless Unlimited Talk & Text PlanLife Wireless Basic PlanLife Wireless Standard PlanLife Wireless Family PlanLife Wireless Government PlanLife Wireless Tribal Plan
Voice minuteUnlimited free talk1250 free minutesUnlimitedFree unlimited talk time for 4 linesFree unlimited talk time
Text messageUnlimited free textUnlimitedUnlimitedFree unlimited text messages for 4 linesUnlimitedUnlimited
Data offer500MB500MB1GB1GB2GB4GB
Free phoneNoNoYesNoYesYes

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Qualification Requirements to Get the Free Phone Service from Life Wireless

These are the Qualification Requirements to Get the Free Phone Service from Life Wireless:

  1. You must have a household income at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines or be enrolled in a government assistance program such as Medicaid, SNAP, or SSI.
  2. You must participate in the Lifeline assistance program.
  3. You must be a resident of the state where you apply for the program.
  4. You must provide proof of identity such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport and proof of eligibility for the program.
  5. You must not be receiving Lifeline service from another carrier.

Documents Required

These are the documents required for Life Wireless Free Phone Service:

  1. Proof of ID (valid driver’s license, passport, state ID)
  2. Proof of income (recent pay stubs, tax returns, or government assistance program participation)
  3. Proof of address (utility bill, lease agreement, or government correspondence)
  4. Eligibility certification document (SNAP, Medicaid, section 8, or other government assistance program documentation)
  5. Social Security Number or Tribal Identification Number
  6. Completed Life Wireless Enrollment Form.

Features of Life Wireless Free Phone Service

Features of Life Wireless Free Phone Service

These are the Features of Life Wireless Free Phone Service:

  1. Free monthly service: Life Wireless provides free monthly service to eligible customers who qualify for the program.
  2. Unlimited talk and text: Life Wireless offers unlimited talk and text to its customers with no hidden fees.
  3. No contract: No annual contract or hidden fees with Life Wireless’s free phone service.
  4. Nationwide coverage: Life Wireless has reliable nationwide coverage that ensures you remain connected wherever you are.
  5. Caller ID, voicemail, and call waiting: These features come standard with the free phone service.
  6. Affordable, high quality phones: Life Wireless offers affordable, high-quality phones that can be purchased with a one-time payment.
  7. Mobile hotspot: Some Life Wireless plans include a mobile hotspot to tether your phone to other devices and share your data connection.
  8. Online account management: You can manage your account online, including adding funds, checking your balance, and updating your plan.

Does Life Wireless Offer Free Cell Phone Service?

Life Wireless is a telecommunications company that provides free cell phone service to eligible individuals. The company participates in the federal Lifeline Assistance program, designed to help low income consumers access affordable telecommunications services.

Can I Use My Life Wireless SIM Card on Another Phone?

Life Wireless SIM cards are designed to be used with the specific phone provided by the company. These phones are often subsidized and locked to the Life Wireless network.

If you have a Life Wireless phone, using the SIM card in another phone is typically only possible if it is expressly approved and compatible with Life Wireless’s network.

How Do I Contact Life Wireless?

You can reach Life Wireless customer service by calling their toll free number at 1 888 543 3620. This number is typically available during regular business hours.

Visit the Life Wireless website at and navigate to the “Contact Us” or “Support” section. You will find additional contact information, such as email addresses or online contact forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Life Wireless Free Phone Service:

Can I bring my own phone to life wireless?

You can bring your own phone to Life Wireless. Life Wireless supports the use of unlocked GSM phones, meaning that if your phone is compatible with Life Wireless’s network technology (GSM), you may be able to use it with their service.

What states does Life Wireless operate in?

Life Wireless provides services in the following states:
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New, Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North, Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin


Life Wireless Free Phone Service offers an excellent service for those who cannot afford traditional phone service. The plans are affordable, and the customer service is excellent. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a Free Phone Service as a far better alternative to traditional phone service.


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