Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer: How to Get

Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer

I was delighted when I discovered Mint Mobile Offers a deal that grants access to iPhone plans for free.

I liked the deal and decided to try it out myself.

So in this article, I will explain how to get the Mint Mobile Free iPhone and the available phone options.

What is the Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer?

What Is the Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer?

Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer is a deal that gives new Mint Mobile customers who purchase an iPhone access to a six-month free iPhone plan.

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How to Get the Mint Mobile Free iPhone

Follow these steps to get the Mint Mobile Free iPhone:

  1. Visit
  2. Scroll through the phone catalog and choose your preferred iPhone brand
  3. Click on see more details
  4. Scroll down to add to your cart
  5. Click on Proceed to checkout or Paypal checkout
  6. Fill out the form with your details as required.
  7. Enter your shipping address and other relevant information
  8. Add your card details in the space provided
  9. Click on the auto-renewal box to ensure you do not miss any payment if so desired
  10. Go through your details and click on Place order.
  11. Your phone should arrive in 8 days at most.
  12. Visit the closet Mint Mobile office in your area with your new number to activate the six months free Mint Mobile iPhone offer. This has to be done within 45 days of getting your new iPhone and mint number.

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Eligibility Criteria for Getting the Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer

The Mint Mobile Free iPhone offer is only available with new Mint Mobile activations. To get the discount, you must purchase a phone from and a 6-month plan and bring your current phone number to Mint.

You also need to ensure your phone number hasn’t been on a Mint account for 90 days.

Is It Possible to Take Advantage of The 6-Month Free Offer and Purchase Multiple Phones Simultaneously?

You have the option to buy phones and services as a bundle for yourself and your loved ones. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can be someone who owns multiple phones. The phone and service bundle promotion is specifically for new Mint lines, and it is necessary to port a phone number from another carrier to avail of the offer.

What Does the Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer Include?

The Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer Includes:

  1. Unlimited talk and text
  2. Free mobile hot spotting (5GB cap on unlimited)
  3. 5G and 4G LTE speeds, where applicable
  4. Free calling and texts to Canada and Mexico.

Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer Comparison Table

Below is a comparison table of the Mint Mobile Free iPhone offer:

Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer NameData AllowanceMonthly Cost (Intro)Monthly Cost (12 months)Monthly Cost (6 months)Monthly Cost (3 months)Features and Benefits
5GB Plan5GB$15$15$20$25Suitable for very light users who primarily use WiFi.
Manageable monthly cost.
Unlimited talk and text
15GB Plan15GB$20$20$25$35Ideal for moderate data usage and occasional streaming.
Good balance between data allowance and cost.
Unlimited talk and text
20GB Plan20GB$25$25$35$45Offers more data for heavier usage and mobile hot-spotting.
Suitable for streaming and browsing.
Unlimited talk and text on the go
Unlimited PlanUnlimited$30$30$35$40Perfect for heavy data users and constant streaming.
No data limits.
Unlimited talk and text.
Mobile hot spotting with a 5GB data allowance.
Data speeds are capped after 45GB usage per month.
3-Month PromoVaries$15VariesVariesVariesAvailable to new customers only.
Flexible options with varying data allowances
Family PlanVariesVariesVariesVariesVariesMix and match up to 5 lines with customizable plans.
Commit to three months at a time.
Cost-effective for families or groups with multiple lines.

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Benefits of Getting an iPhone from Mint Mobile

These are the benefits of getting an iPhone from Mint Mobile:

  • Access to a free six months iPhone plan
  • Opportunity to save more
  • Fast and reliable Internet service
  • Discount on iPhone purchases using coupons
  • Fast shipping after purchasing online
  • Friendly and quick to respond to customer care in case of emergencies.

Can I Use an iPhone 14 with Mint?

You can use an iPhone 14 with Mint Mobile.

Does iPhone 13 Work with Mint?

The iPhone 13 works with Mint.

Trust me; you won’t want to miss out on this epic smartphone offer, especially if you’re looking for a free iPhone 13. Check my post on Free Government iPhone 13 & Pro Max to discover how you can get one from the government.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently Asked Questions about Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer:

Are Mint Mobile’s Prepaid Plans Compatible With the Free iPhone?

The Mint Mobile prepaid plans are compatible with any iPhone model you purchase from the Mint Mobile store.

Does Mint Mobile Offer Free iPhones?

Contrary to the popular opinion that the Mint Mobile Free iPhone offer is a program that provides free iPhones, it actually offers a 6 months free iPhone plan on a Mint Mobile bundle purchased by a new customer.

Can I Choose Any iPhone Model With Mint Mobile’s Free iPhone Offer?

You can choose any iPhone model with Mint Mobile’s free iPhone offer.

How Will I Receive The Mint Mobile Free Iphone 6 Months Offer?

Your six free months will be automatically applied at checkout, giving you 12 months total.

How Can I Acquire The Mint Mobile Free iPhone 6 Months Offer?

How Can I Acquire The Mint Mobile Free iPhone 6 Months Offer?

You can acquire the mint mobile free iPhone 6 months offer by purchasing through our partner Affirm by selecting the discount option at checkout.

Can A User From Another Carrier Qualify For The Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer?

You must transfer your current number from another carrier to Mint to qualify for this offer.

Can I Change My Monthly Data Plan After Purchasing The Mint Mobile Free iPhone Monthly Plan?

You can upgrade to a higher data amount at any time in the Mint Mobile app or through your Mint Mobile account on our website, but you can’t change the duration of your plan, as this offer is only for 12-month plans.

Can I Purchase More Than One Mint Mobile Free iPhone And Service Offer?

There’s no limit to the amount you can purchase. Therefore you can purchase more than one Mint Mobile Free iPhone and Service offer

Is the Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer Available to Old Mint Mobile Customers?

This offer is only available to new customers, as it requires a new phone number transferred to Mint. As an existing Mint Mobile customer, you must transfer a new number to Mint to activate the free iPhone offer.


Mint Mobile Free iPhone Offer provides an exciting opportunity for users to enjoy the benefits of a high quality phone and reliable service without the burden of monthly costs. With this offer, new Mint Mobile customers can receive a free iPhone 6 month offer when they purchase a 12 month plan. This means not only can you enjoy the latest iPhone model, but you’ll also have access to Mint Mobile’s affordable and feature rich plans.


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