AT&T iPhone 12 Free Phone: How to Get

AT&T iPhone 12 Free

A recent chat with a friend brought to my knowledge that AT&T is offering a free iPhone 12.

So I knew I had to try getting one for myself, and I did.

In this article, I explain how I got the AT&T iPhone 12 Free and how you can get one for yourself.

What is the AT&T iPhone 12 Free offer?

What is the AT&T iPhone 12 Free?

The AT&T iPhone 12 Free offer allows customers to get the iPhone 12 for $0 by trading in a qualifying device and purchasing it on a 30 month installment plan. It is available to new and existing AT&T customers and requires an AT&T Unlimited plan subscription.

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How to Get AT&T iPhone 12 Free

Follow these steps to get the AT&T iPhone 12 free:

  1. Research AT&T promotions: Visit AT&T’s official website or contact their customer service to find out about any ongoing promotions for a free iPhone 12. Look for eligibility criteria and specific requirements.
  2. Check if you’re eligible: Meet AT&T’s requirements for the free iPhone 12 promotion. This may include being a new customer, switching from another carrier, or meeting certain plan requirements.
  3. Choose an AT&T plan: Pick an AT&T plan that qualifies for the free iPhone 12 offer. Review the available plans on their website or talk to a customer service representative to select the right plan for your needs.
  4. Verify promotional details: Read and understand the terms and conditions of the free iPhone 12 promotion. Pay attention to any time limits or special instructions provided by AT&T to avoid any confusion.
  5. Place your order: Order your iPhone 12 from AT&T by following the online process on their website or speaking to a customer service representative. Provide accurate information to ensure a smooth transaction.
  6. Activate your iPhone: Once you receive your iPhone 12, activate it on the AT&T network by following the instructions. This usually involves inserting the SIM card and following the device prompts to complete the activation process.

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AT&T iPhone 12 Free Phone Plans

These are the top iPhone 12 free phone plans:

  1. AT&T Unlimited Premium
  2. AT&T Unlimited Extra
  3. AT&T Unlimited Starter
  4. AT&T Value Plus

AT&T Free iPhone 12 Plans Comparison Table

This table compares the AT&T Free iPhone 12 Plans:

FeaturesAT&T Unlimited PremiumAT&T Unlimited ExtraAT&T Unlimited StarterAT&T Value Plus
1 line$85 per month $75 per month$65 per month$50 per month
2 lines$150 per month $130 per month $120 per month N/A
3 lines$180 per month$150 per month$135 per monthN/A
4 lines$200 per month$160 per month$140 per monthN/A
Each additional line$35 per line monthly$35 per line monthly$30 per line monthlyN/A
SpeedPremium 4G LTE dataUnlimited 4G LTE dataUnlimited 4G LTE dataUnlimited 4G LTE data
Video streaming quality onHigh definition (w/Stream Saver turned off)Standard-definition streamingStandard-definition streamingStandard-definition streaming
Mobile hotspot50GB per line15GB per line3GB per lineN/A
5G accessYesYesYesYes
Unlimited talk, text, and data (US, Canada, Mexico)YesYesYesYes
AT&T ActiveArmor securityYesYesYesYes

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Eligibility Criteria to Get the Free AT&T iPhone 12

These are the Eligibility Criteria to Get the Free AT&T iPhone 12:

  1. Trade-In: You must trade in an eligible device. The trade-in device should meet AT&T’s valuation of $95 or more.
  2. Installment Plan: You need to purchase the iPhone 12 on a 30-month installment plan.
  3. Credit Eligibility: You must be “well-qualified” according to AT&T’s criteria.
  4. Unlimited Plan: You must subscribe to one of AT&T’s postpaid, unlimited plans.

Required Documents

These are the Required Documents to get an AT&T iPhone 12 Free:

  1. Valid ID: Show a government-issued ID like a driver’s license, passport, or state ID card. This proves who you are and confirms eligibility.
  2. Social Security Number (SSN): AT&T may ask for your SSN to check your credit and set up an account. This helps them decide if you’re creditworthy and follow legal rules.
  3. Proof of Address: Provide a document that proves where you currently live, like a utility bill, bank statement, or lease agreement. This confirms your address and is necessary for billing and account verification.
  4. Payment Method: AT&T will request a valid payment method, such as a credit or debit card. This is to cover any additional charges or fees not covered by the free iPhone 12 offer. Make sure your payment method is active and has enough funds available.

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Benefits of Getting a Free iPhone 12 From AT&T

Benefits of Getting a Free iPhone 12 From AT&T

These are the Benefits of Getting a Free iPhone 12 From AT&T:

  1. Latest Technology: The iPhone 12 is a modern smartphone with advanced features and capabilities, giving you access to the latest technology.
  2. Cost Savings: By receiving a free iPhone 12, you save money on the upfront cost of buying the device, allowing you to enjoy its advantages without a significant financial burden.
  3. Network Compatibility: AT&T is a well-known wireless carrier, and getting an iPhone 12 from them ensures that it works smoothly with their network, providing reliable coverage and service.
  4. Fast Network Speeds: AT&T offers fast network speeds, including 5G, in many areas. With an iPhone 12, you can experience quicker data transfers, smoother streaming, and improved online experiences.
  5. Wide App Selection: The iPhone 12 runs on iOS, which has a large selection of apps. You can access various productivity tools, entertainment options, and innovative services to enhance your daily life.
  6. Quality and Reliability: Apple devices are known for their high quality and reliability. By receiving an iPhone 12 from AT&T, you can trust that the device will perform well and last a long time.
  7. AT&T Services: Getting an iPhone 12 from AT&T grants you access to their additional services, such as mobile plans, customer support, and exclusive promotions.
  8. Trade In Options: AT&T often offers trade in options, allowing you to upgrade your phone in the future and receive credit towards a new device.

Can I Get an iPhone for Free From AT&T?

AT&T offers rare promotions that allow you to get an iPhone for free.

Is AT&T iPhone 12 locked?

When you buy an iPhone from AT&T, it is “locked” to their network, which means you cannot use a SIM card from another network.

FAQs about the AT&T iPhone 12 Free Phone

The followings are the Frequently Asked Questions about the AT&T iPhone 12 Free Phone:

Do I Need to Trade in My Current Device to Get the Free iPhone 12?

Trading in your current device is optional to get the free iPhone 12 from AT&T.

Can I Keep My Existing Phone Number When Upgrading to the Free iPhone 12?

You can keep your phone number when upgrading to the free iPhone 12 with AT & T.

Can I Use the Free iPhone 12 on Other Carriers?

The free iPhone 12 obtained from AT&T is locked to their network and incompatible with other carriers.


The AT&T iPhone 12 Free offer presents an exciting opportunity to experience the latest technology without the upfront cost. With its cutting-edge features and compatibility with AT&T’s reliable network, you can enjoy fast speeds and a seamless online experience. Take advantage of this chance to elevate your smartphone experience.


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