Phone for Kids No Internet: 10 Best Without Picks

Phone for Kids Without Internet

Just last week, my niece asked for a phone – just to call and text her friends.

It got me thinking: what’s the best phone for kids without the distractions of the internet?

As a parent myself, I’ve battled with the ‘to-internet or not-to-internet’ question more times than I can count.

I’ve delved deep, chatted with other parents, and done the legwork to find Phone for Kids No Internet.

What Are Phone for Kids No Internet?

Phone for Kids No Internet are mobile phones designed specifically for children to make calls and send texts without access to the internet, ensuring a safer, distraction-free communication tool.

These phones have simplified interfaces, GPS tracking for parental monitoring, and limited functions to prevent exposure to inappropriate content. They aim to provide parents peace of mind while fostering kids’ independence.

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Top 10 Phone for Kids No Internet

Best Phone for Kids Without Internet

These are the top 10 best phones for kids without internet:

1. Gabb Phone Plus

Gabb Phone Plus is a child friendly smartphone designed to inspire young minds. It features a 3.5 inch display, 2MP rear camera, and VGA front camera.

With 16GB storage, 2GB RAM, and 4G LTE, it offers ample space and smooth performance.

The KaiOS operating system provides a user friendly experience with parental controls and a dedicated learning app.

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2. Pinwheel

Pinwheel is a simple and functional phone with a 2.8 inch display, 0.3MP rear camera, and VGA front camera.

It offers 32MB storage, 256MB RAM, and 2G connectivity. The feature phone operating system ensures easy navigation and FM radio adds entertainment.

3. VTech KidiBuzz 3

VTech KidiBuzz 3 is a smartphone designed to unleash young minds’ potential.

It has a 2.8 inch display, 2MP rear camera, and VGA front camera. With 8GB storage, 512MB RAM, and 3G connectivity, it provides ample space and smooth performance.

The Android OS offers educational apps and games for learning and fun.

4. Nokia 2720 Flip

The Nokia 2720 Flip is a simple and user friendly flip phone. It has a 2.8 inch display, 2MP rear camera, and VGA front camera for basic photography needs.

With 4GB storage and 512MB RAM, it provides enough space for essential apps and files.

The phone operates on the KaiOS system, offering practical features, including a dedicated emergency button for added safety.

5. TracFone Flip Phone

The TracFone Flip Phone is a straightforward device designed for basic phone requirements. It features a 2.8 inch display, 1.3MP rear camera, and VGA front camera.

It is suitable for essential tasks with 32MB storage and 128MB RAM.

The phone operates on a 2G network and uses a feature phone operating system, ensuring easy navigation and functionality.

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6. LG Classic Flip

The LG Classic Flip is a reliable flip phone with additional features. It offers a 2.8 inch display, 1.3MP rear camera, and VGA front camera.

With 16GB storage and 1GB RAM, it provides ample space for apps and data.

The phone runs on the Android operating system and includes a dedicated Google Assistant button for convenience.

7. Alcatel Go Flip 5

The Alcatel Go Flip 5 is a simple yet versatile phone designed to cater to various needs.

Youur kid will have ample space for your files and apps with 32GB of storage and smooth multitasking with 2GB of RAM.

Running on the KaiOS operating system, the Alcatel Go Flip 5 offers essential phone features and some delightful extras, including a dedicated Google Assistant button for added convenience.

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8. Doro 6620

The Doro 6620 is a user friendly phone specially crafted for seniors, with simplicity at its core. Its 2.8 inch display ensures clear and easy to read visuals.

Capture memories with the 2MP rear camera and VGA front camera.

The phone has 16GB of storage and 512MB of RAM, providing enough space for essential data and smooth performance.

9. Zebra TC21

The Zebra TC21 is a durable and versatile smartphone designed for business purposes. It features a 2.4 inch display, 5MP rear camera, and VGA front camera.

With 16GB storage and 2GB RAM, it provides ample space and smooth performance for business applications.

Operating on Android OS, it offers a user friendly experience and access to various apps.

10. GABB Z2

The GABB Z2 is a compact, child friendly smartphone with a 3.5 inch display, 5MP rear camera, and VGA front camera.

It comes with 32GB storage and 2GB RAM, providing sufficient space and smooth performance for kids’ apps and content.

Operating on KaiOS, it offers parental controls, allowing parents to regulate and monitor their child’s phone activities.

The dedicated learning app offers educational content, making it a safe and educational choice for children.

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What is the Best Phone for Kids without Internet?

What Is the Best Phone for Kids without Internet?

The Pinwheel Slim 5 Phone is the best phone for kids without internet. It comes with education Apps and has a built-in parental management system that allows you to set screen time limits, block inappropriate websites, track your child’s location, and monitor text messages from your phone.

Phone for Kids No Internet Access Comparison Table

Comparing Phone for Kids No Internet

This table compares all the models of Phone for Kids No Internet:

FeaturesGabb Phone PlusPinwheelVTech KidiBuzz 3Nokia 2720 FlipTracFone Flip PhoneLG Classic Flip
Display size (inches)
Rear camera (MP)20.3221.31.3
Storage (GB)1632843216
RAM (GB)22565125121281
Connectivity4G LTE2G3G4G LTE2G4G LTE
Operating systemKaiOSFeature phoneAndroidKaiOSFeature phoneAndroid
FeaturesKid friendly, parental controls, learning appBasic phone, FM radioEducational apps and games, parental controlsBasic phone, emergency buttonBasic phoneBasic phone, Google Assistant button

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How to Get Phone for Kids No Internet

Follow these steps to get Phone for Kids No Internet:

  1. Establish a Budget: Determine the amount you are willing to spend on the phone. Prices can range from approximately $50 to $200 for phones without internet connectivity.
  2. Assess Age and Needs: Consider your child’s age and requirements. Different phones cater to specific age groups, so select one that aligns with your child’s maturity level and communication needs.
  3. Determine Desired Features: Identify the essential features you want in the phone. Some devices offer basic functionalities like calling and texting, while others include additional features such as games and educational apps.
  4. Conduct Thorough Research: Read reviews and gather information about various phones in the market. Learn from other parents’ experiences to gain insights into the device’s performance, durability, and user friendliness.
  5. Involve Your Child: Engage your child in the decision making process. Understand their preferences and interests in a phone. This involvement will excite them about the device and increase their satisfaction with the chosen phone.
  6. Make the Purchase: Once you’ve selected a suitable phone within your budget, purchase the phone. You can find phones without the internet at major retailers or through online platforms.
  7. Implement Parental Controls: After acquiring the phone, set up parental controls. These controls allow you to manage and limit your child’s access to specific content, ensuring a safe and age appropriate digital experience.

Eligibility Criteria for Kids Phone No Internet

These are the eligibility criteria for the best phone for kids without internet:

  1. Parental consent: Providers require parents to consent before their child can purchase a phone without Internet access.
  2. Proof of identity: Parents are to provide proof of their identity, such as a driver’s license or passport, before their child can purchase a phone without Internet.

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Required Documents

These are the required documents to get the best phone for kids without internet:

  1. Proof of Identity: To verify your identity, a government issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, is needed.
  2. Proof of Address: A utility bill, bank statement, or any official document displaying your current address.
  3. Credit Card or Debit Card: Required for payment when purchasing the phone and service plan.
  4. Child’s Birth Certificate: Their birth certificate may be necessary to verify their age.

How to Choose the Best Phone Without Internet for Your Kid

Follow these steps to choose the Best Phone without Internet for your Kid:

  1. Age of the child: Your child’s age will influence the phone’s required features. Younger kids may need a phone with basic functions. In comparison, older kids may prefer additional features like a camera or games.
  2. Features: Consider what features are essential for you and your child. Determine if you need a camera, games, or a built in GPS.
  3. Price: Set a budget based on the phone’s cost, ranging from $50 to $200 for phones without internet.
  4. Durability: Choose a durable phone that can withstand rough handling by kids. Look for models with sturdy cases or made from rugged materials.
  5. Parental controls: Consider phones with parental control features to manage your child’s phone usage, including app restrictions, screen time limitations, and contact controls.

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What Is the Safest Cell Phone for A Child?

The safest cell phone for a child is the Gabb Z2; it prioritizes limited internet access, parental controls, age appropriate features, and a durable design. Also, it offers no internet access, safety features, and age appropriate apps.

What Is the Best Kind of Phone for A Kid?

The VTech KidiBuzz 3 is an excellent phone for kids due to its age appropriate features, parental controls, and educational apps. It offers a safe and engaging experience, promoting learning and fun while giving parents peace of mind with its built in safety measures.

Benefits of Getting the Best Kids Phone No Internet

These are the benefits of getting the best kids phone no internet:

  1. Safety: Phones without internet reduce exposure to online risks, ensuring a safer digital environment for kids.
  2. Focus on Communication: Kids can concentrate on calling and texting, promoting better communication skills.
  3. Age Appropriate Content: The absence of internet prevents access to inappropriate or harmful content, ensuring age appropriate experiences.
  4. Limited Distractions: Without internet, kids can focus on educational content and essential phone functions, reducing distractions.
  5. Parental Control: Parents can implement strict parental controls, managing usage and ensuring a controlled digital experience.
  6. Reduced Screen Time: Internet free phones encourage limited screen time, promoting healthier device usage.

FAQs about the Best Phone for Kids without Internet

These are the most frequently asked questions about the best phone for kids without internet:

Are Phones Without the Internet Safe for Kids?

Phones without internet are safer for kids as they reduce online risks and exposure to inappropriate content, ensuring a more controlled and secure digital experience.

Can I Still Monitor My Child’s Usage on a Phone Without the Internet?

You can still monitor your child’s usage on a phone without internet with parental controls, allowing you to manage their calls, texts, and app usage.

Do Phones Without Internet Have Parental Controls?

Yes, phones without internet come with parental controls.


The best phone for kids without internet prioritizes safety and simplicity. Models like the VTech KidiBuzz 3 offer age appropriate features and parental controls for added peace of mind. Children can focus on communication and learning, while parents can ensure a controlled digital experience. With durable and budget friendly options, making the right choice for your child’s needs becomes easier.


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