Gabb Free Phone: How to Get for your Kid?

Gabb Free Phone

I heard about the Gabb Wireless Phone from a friend and had to check it out for the kids.

I got one, and it’s wonderfully simple and perfect for my children.

In this article, I’ll guide you on how to get the Gabb Free Phone for your little ones.

What is the Gabb Free Phone Offer?

Gabb Free Phone

The Gabb Free Phone Offer provides free phones to those who sign up for a 2-year service plan.

Additionally, the offer includes a special promotion for single parents during “Gabb Days of Giving,” allowing them to receive a phone without a contract.

These offers are part of Gabb’s commitment to providing safe and controlled phone experiences for kids, free from internet, social media, and unsafe third-party apps.

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How to Get the Gabb Free Phone

How to Get the Gabb Free Phone

Follow these steps to get the Gabb Free Phone:

  1. Visit the Gabb Wireless website.
  2. Click the “Phones” tab on the top menu.
  3. Select the “Gabb Phone” option.
  4. Choose your preferred color and add it to your cart.
  5. Proceed to checkout and fill in your shipping and billing information.
  6. Select the “2-year agreement” option when prompted to choose a plan.
  7. Pay the activation fee of $25.
  8. Wait for your Gabb phone to arrive.

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Eligibility Criteria

These are the Eligibility Criteria to get a Gabb Wireless Free Phone:

  1. You must subscribe to a 2 years service contract.
  2. You must be a single parent.
  3. Your child should be old enough to operate a phone.

Required Documents

These are the documents required to get a Gabb Wireless Free Phone:

  1. Government ID.
  2. Proof of single parent status (legal custody documents).
  3. Contact information (email, phone).
  4. Shipping address.

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Top 2 Gabb Free Phone Models Offered

These are the Top 2 Gabb Free Phone Models Offered:

1. ZTE Gabb Z2

The ZTE Gabb Z2 offers a compact design with a 5.45 inch TFT LCD display, powered by a Mediatek MT6761 Helio A22 chipset.

It runs on Android 10 and features an 8 MP rear camera with dual-LED flash for photography, along with a 5 MP front camera for selfies.

The phone includes 32GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM, with expandable storage via microSDXC.

The ZTE Gabb Z2 is designed with a focus on basic communication needs and offers features suitable for kids.

Follow these steps to learn how to get ZTE free phone.

2. Gabb Phone Plus

The Gabb Phone Plus is a premium option with a 5.83-inch Infinity Display, a powerful Octa Core processor, and 32GB of storage.

It offers active GPS tracking, unlimited talk and text, and features like Gabb Music’s clean music streaming service.

The phone stands out with its parent-enabled third party apps, allowing it to adapt and grow as the child’s needs change.

The Gabb Phone Plus prioritizes safety by excluding internet access and social media, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking controlled connectivity for their kids.

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Gabb Free Phone Comparison Table

This table compares all the Gabb Free Phone models:

ModelBest ForLowest Phone PriceLowest Service PriceCost to Add Another LineMoney-back PeriodWarrantySpecifications Comparison
Gabb Phone PlusBest for Budgets$0.00 (promotions)$199.99 (Actual Price)$24.99/mo.$1.75/mo. (starting 3rd line)15 days1 year5.83″ Infinity Display
Octa Core
23 hr battery
32GB storage
Android OS
Parent enabled apps
Gabb Phone Z2Affordable Option$0.00 (Free)$19.99/mo.$1.75/mo. (starting 3rd line)15 days1 year5.45″ Display
Android 10
32GB storage
8MP camera
Bark PhoneBest OverallFree Lease$49.00/mo.Not ApplicableNone1 yearSamsung Exynos 850 processor
32GB storage
6.6″ screen
PinwheelBest for Multiple Kids$199.00$14.99/mo. + $4.99/mo.Not Applicable30 daysNone6.48″ x 3.01″ x 0.35″ dimensions
Android 11
Octa core CPU
64GB storage
TroomiBest Camera$199.95$19.95/mo.Not Applicable30 daysPaid Warranty Only48MP camera
760 x 1600 screen resolution
Up to 128GB storage
Unlimited talk and text
friendly features

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How to Choose the Best Gabb Wireless Phone

Follow these steps to choose the Best Gabb Wireless Phone:

  1. Consider your child’s age, habits, and what they’ll primarily use the phone for.
  2. Consider the features offered by each Phone model.
  3. Ensure the phone offers robust parental controls.
  4. Consider the physical size and design of the phone to be comfortable for your child to hold and use.
  5. Look for reviews from other parents who have used Gabb phones.
  6. Confirm the availability of the desired phone model.
  7. Consider how long the phone will meet your child’s needs.

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Benefits of Getting the Free Phone from Gabb

These are the benefits of Getting the Free Phone from Gabb:

  1. They provide a controlled environment for kids without access to unrestricted internet browsing or social media, ensuring a safer digital experience.
  2. Parents get to save on the initial investment of purchasing a device.
  3. Gabb offers affordable service plans with unlimited talk and text, making it cost-effective to stay connected with your child.
  4. Gabb phones have parental control features that allow you to manage your child’s phone usage.
  5. With no access to social media or unrestricted internet browsing, Gabb phones help reduce distractions and promote a healthier balance between screen time and other activities.
  6. As a parent, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your child has a safe and suitable device for their age.
  7. Gabb phones provide access to educational apps and resources that can support your child’s learning and development.
  8. Gabb phones offer quality features such as decent cameras, sufficient storage, and reliable performance, ensuring a satisfactory user experience.

What Brand of Phone is a Gabb Phone?

Gabb phones are not associated with any specific brand like Samsung or Apple. Instead, Gabb Wireless partners with manufacturers to create their line of phones specifically designed for kids and teens.

How Does the Gabb Free Phone Differ from Conventional Smartphones?

The Gabb Free Phone differs from conventional smartphones by offering limited functionality, no internet access, built-in parental controls, and a focus on communication.

It also excludes social media, promotes reduced screen time, and provides parents with peace of mind regarding online safety for their kids.

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Is Gabb Phone Free?

Gabb phones are free during Gabb Wireless promotions and Free Giving Day.

Does Gabb Phone Have an Activation Fee?

Gabb Wireless charges a $25 activation fee for new lines or lines not in the contract. This fee is applicable whether you choose a one-year agreement (which offers 50% off the device) or opt for a full-price device without a contract.

FAQs on Gabb Wireless Phone

These are the most frequently asked questions on Gabb Wireless Phone:

What happens if my child needs to access the internet for educational purposes?

The Free Phone from Gabb Wireless does not have internet access; however, parents can explore the approved educational apps and resources available.

How does the free Gabb phone contribute to children’s mental well being?

The Gabb Free Phone promotes a healthier digital lifestyle by minimizing internet and social media exposure, encouraging safe communication.

Is the Gabb Wireless Phone compatible outside of the United States?

Gabb Wireless Free Phone is designed to work within the United States.


Gabb Free Phone offers a unique solution for parents seeking a safe and controlled digital experience for their children. With its focus on communication, education, and limited distractions, it stands apart from conventional smartphones.


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