Free Phone Service for Nonprofits: Top 5 Orgs, How to Apply

Free Phone Service for Nonprofits

Keeping in touch with donors, volunteers, and the community at large is vital to the success of any nonprofit, but it can be expensive, especially when it comes to phone service.

That’s why I decide to write a dedicated article on free phone service for nonprofits.

This article explores the application process, eligibility criteria, etc on free phone service for nonprofit orgs. 

Top 5 Free Phone Service for Nonprofits

Free Phone Service for Nonprofits

These are the top 5 programs that offer free phone service for nonprofits:

1. Telezio

This program offers top-notch VoIP phone services to nonprofits. They provide features like, easily setting up hotlines and toll-free numbers, automated attendants, customized caller ID, etc., to eligible nonprofits at discounted rates to enable them to communicate freely with their volunteers and partners.

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2. Microsoft Teams Phone

This is a program under Microsoft Philanthropies that provides eligible nonprofits with free phone service such as access to Microsoft cloud-based productivity tools including Microsoft 365 which includes email, online meetings, file storage, etc.

3. TechSoup

This is an organization that provides technical resources and support for nonprofits. They offer free access to Google’s G Suite and Microsoft Office 365 to nonprofit organizations. 

4. Electronic Recycling Association

This organization offers free telecommunications services to nonprofits. They provide free VoIP phone service to nonprofits, which enables them to make calls using a broadband internet connection instead of the regular phone network. 

5. RingCentral for Nonprofits

This program offers free phone services such as messaging and video meetings to eligible nonprofits. These enable the Nonprofits to have discussions with their staff and volunteers without much cost.

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How to Apply for Free Phone Service for Nonprofits

How to Apply for Free Phone Service for Nonprofits

Follow these simple steps to apply for free phone service for nonprofits: 

  1. Find a provider that offers free phone service for nonprofits.
  2. Check your organization’s eligibility by checking the provider’s website or contacting customer service. 
  3. Fill out the provided application with the required personal details. This can be done online or in person 
  4. Attach the required documents and submit the application. 
  5. Wait for approval from the provider. 
  6. If your application gets approved, choose a plan that best suits your organization’s needs. 

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Documents Required

The following documents are required for free phone service for nonprofits:

  1. Proof of nonprofit status such as a copy of your organization’s tax exemption certificate from the IRS.
  2. A document providing information about the size of your organization. 
  3. Proof of Residence such as a utility bill and your organization’s primary contact information. 
  4. A written request for service containing reasons why your organization needs the free phone service. 

Eligibility Criteria

Below are the eligibility criteria for free phone service for nonprofits: 

  • The organization must be recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS.
  • Depending on the specific provider, the organization may need to have a required number of employees or clients. 
  • Depending on the specific provider, the organization may be required to be located in a specific region. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Free Phone Service for Nonprofits

The following factors need to be considered when choosing a free phone service for nonprofits:

  • Features: The phone service must have all the features your organization needs such as conference calling, call recording, etc.
  • Reliability: The phone service must be reliable and efficient in delivering the needs of their clients. It must have a good reputation for reliability. 
  • Customer Support: You will also need to look for good customer support when you need help with a technical issue. The phone service should be able to offer prompt and effective assistance to customers who need help with technical issues.
  • Flexibility: The phone service must be one that is customizable and can easily adjust to the changing needs of your organization.
  • Cost: While the phone service may be offered for free, it is important to ensure that there are no hidden costs or restrictions attached to the service. 
  • Security: It is also important to ensure that the provider has formidable security measures put in place to ensure the security of your organization’s data and phone calls.
  • Scalability: The phone service must be easily scalable to accommodate the level and growth of your organization.

Importance of Free Phone Services for Nonprofits

Free phone services for nonprofits have the following importance: 

  • Cost Savings: Free phone service for nonprofits saves costs as the organization will not have to incur the expense of communication services. 
  • Improved Communication: A free phone service provides eligible organizations with reliable efficient communication tools, to enable them to reach out to volunteers, beneficiaries, and staff.
  • Better Customer Service: The organization through this service will be able to give effective customer service as they will ensure that the calls from customers will always be attended to.
  • Increased Visibility: Free phone service will enable the organization stays connected with its volunteers and staff. Also, a professional-looking phone service will boost the image of the organization. 
  • Increased Flexibility: Free phone service will enable nonprofits to have multiple lines, and manage calls and voicemails from anywhere. Through this, the staff will be able to work from anywhere. 

Limitations or Restrictions when Using a Free Phone Service for Nonprofits

Below are the limitations or restrictions when using a free phone service:

  • Free phone services for nonprofit organizations usually offer only basic features, and may not include advanced features.
  • Some free phone services are limited regarding the number of times an organization can use the service per day or week.
  • Some free phone services may require the advertisement of their brands on the organization’s official website. 
  • Some free phone services only operate in specific regions and are unavailable in others.
  • Some free phone services do not guarantee the security and privacy of the official data of the organization. 
  • Some free phone services may have limited and poor customer support options.

How do I get started with free phone service for nonprofits?

You can do this by visiting the official website of your chosen provider and applying for the free phone service.

Can I use a free phone service for my nonprofit’s international calls?

This will depend on the service you are using. Some offer international calling capabilities, while others do not.

Are there any security risks when using a free phone service for nonprofits?

Yes, there are security risks such as call and message interception, data privacy issues, phone spoofing, etc.


The free phone service for nonprofits is calculated to offer free phone services to nonprofits to help reduce their operational costs. 

Eligible organizations, therefore, need to make use of this opportunity to entitle them to free phone service. 


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