Netzero Free Internet: How to Get, Top 5 Plans

NetZero Free Internet

Ever been in the middle of a tight month and thought, “Man, I wish the internet was free!”?

That was me until my buddy Mark informed me about the free internet offer from Netzero.

I gave the offer a try, fiddled with a few settings, and I’m online without dropping a dime!

This article explains how to get the NetZero Free Internet in 2023.

What Is the Netzero Free Internet Offer?

What Is the Netzero Free Internet Offer?

The NetZero Free Internet offer is a promotion that provides up to 10 hours of free dial up internet access each month for light internet usage.

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How to Get Netzero Free Internet

How to Get Netzero Free Internet

Follow these steps to get Netzero Free Internet:

  1. Ensure you have a NetZero SIM card or device that is compatible with their free internet offers.
  2. Make sure your SIM card has a balance of at least zero or a sufficient balance required for verification purposes.
  3. Configure Access Point Settings. To do this:
    • Go to your mobile phone’s settings.
    • Open the Network settings and select “NetZero.”
    • Click on “Access point settings.”
    • Create a new Access Point with the name “Planspapa FREE.”
    • Enter the APN settings as ‘web’ or ‘internet’.
    • Save the settings.
  4. Install the NetZero App
  5. Create an Account
    • Open the NetZero app or access the NetZero website on your browser.
    • Create a new account if you don’t already have one.
  6. Activate Free Data
    • Log in to your NetZero account.
    • Look for the option to activate free data or choose a free data plan.
    • Use the provided code (e.g., *123# or *#009##) to activate the specific free data plan.
    • Follow the on screen instructions to complete the activation process.
  7. Verify Activation
    • Check your account settings or dashboard to verify that the free data plan has been activated.

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Eligibility Criteria

These are the Eligibility Criteria to get free Netzero Internet:

  1. You must have a NetZero SIM card or device that supports their free internet offers.
  2. Your NetZero SIM or device must be active and in good standing.
  3. Your device must be compatible with NetZero’s network and services.
  4. You must have an active NetZero account.

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Required Documents

These are the Required Documents to get free Netzero Internet:

  1. Government issued photo ID
  2. Utility bill (electricity, water, etc.)
  3. Rental agreement or lease contract
  4. Bank statement with current address
  5. NetZero account details or account number
  6. NetZero SIM card or device
  7. Verification codes or PINs.

Top 5 Netzero Free Internet Plans

These are the Top 5 Netzero Free Internet Plans:

1. Free Plan

The NetZero Free Plan is a no cost option that offers users 200 MB of monthly data through Mobile Broadband.

It is designed for individuals with occasional browsing needs.

This plan is ideal for tasks like checking emails, light web browsing, and staying connected to essential online activities without incurring charges.

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2. Basic Plan

The basic plan, priced at $17.95 per month, provides users with 1 GB of monthly data via Mobile Broadband.

This plan caters to users who engage in light internet activities, such as browsing websites, sending emails, and light multimedia usage. It’s a budget friendly option for staying connected without overstepping data limits.

3. Plus Plan

For $27.95 per month, the NetZero Plus Plan offers a step up in data allocation, providing users with 2 GB of data over Mobile Broadband.

This plan gives users more room for light browsing, email communication, and occasional multimedia streaming. It suits individuals who seek a bit more data while still maintaining an affordable plan.

4. Pro Plan

The NetZero Pro Plan, priced at $45.95 per month, delivers 4 GB of monthly data through Mobile Broadband. Designed for users who engage in frequent internet usage, including regular browsing, emails, and moderate multimedia consumption.

This plan caters to those who need a higher data allowance for their daily online activities.

5. Platinum Plan

The NetZero Platinum Plan is available for $63.95 monthly, offering 6 GB of data through Mobile Broadband.

This plan suits individuals who frequently browse the web, engage in online gaming sessions, and stream multimedia content.

It’s an optimal choice for users seeking a robust data package for various online activities.

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Netzero Free Internet Plans Comparison Table

This table compares the NetZero Free Internet Plans:

Plan NamePriceMonthly DataSpeed OptionsConnection DevicesBest forKey Features and Benefits
Free Plan$0200MB (1 year)Light Speed4G HotSpotOccasional browsing1 year of free 4G switchable speed optionsNo contract or overage charges
Basic Plan$9.95500MBLightSpeedWarpSpeed4G HotSpot 4G StickLight browsing and emailIncreased data (500MB)Flexible speed optionsSuitable for basic online tasks
Plus Plan$19.951GBLightSpeedWarpSpeed4G HotSpotLight browsing and emailMore data (1GB)Switchable speedsAccommodate basic online activities
Pro Plan$34.952GBLightSpeedWarpSpeed4G HotSpot 4G StickFrequent browsing, and emailSubstantial data (2GB)Flexible speedsDesigned for frequent online usage
Platinum Plan$49.954GBLightSpeedWarpSpeed4G HotSpot4G StickFrequent browsing, gaming, and streamingHigher data (4GB)Switchable speeds suit gaming Heavy streaming

How Does Net Zero Free Internet Work?

NetZero’s free internet offers basic internet service for essential tasks like checking emails and basic browsing without cost. The Free Internet service comes with a limited monthly data allotment. If users exceed this limit, they will experience reduced speeds or the option to upgrade to a premium plan. Users can choose between the free service or premium plans based on their usage needs.

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Does NetZero have WiFi?

NetZero offers WiFi services through their mobile broadband plans. They provide devices like the NetZero 4G HotSpot, which supports up to eight WiFi enabled devices within a certain range, typically around 150 feet.

How to Choose the Best Netzero Free Internet

Follow these steps to choose the Best Netzero Free Internet:

  1. Determine how you plan to use the internet.
  2. Consider your monthly data consumption.
  3. If you require faster speeds for tasks like streaming or gaming, focus on plans that offer higher speed options.
  4. Compare the available plans based on pricing, data allowances, and speed options.
  5. Consider your budget. While NetZero offers free plans, their premium plans offer additional features.
  6. Check if your devices are compatible with NetZero’s services. Some plans might require specific devices like the 4G HotSpot or 4G Stick.
  7. Ensure that NetZero’s service covers your area.
  8. Consider future growth in your internet usage. If your needs might increase over time, it is beneficial to opt for a plan with a higher data allowance.
  9. Look for customer reviews and feedback on the plans you’re considering.
  10. Research the quality of NetZero’s customer support.

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Benefits of Getting Netzero Free Internet

These are the Benefits of getting Netzero Free Internet:

  1. Netzero’s free internet service offers access to essential online tasks without incurring any monthly charges.
  2. NetZero provides reliable connectivity.
  3. There are no contracts or long term commitments required for the free internet service.
  4. NetZero’s free service doesn’t come with overage charges.
  5. If your internet needs change over time, NetZero offers premium plans with higher data allowances and faster speeds.
  6. Setting up NetZero’s free internet service is straightforward and user friendly.
  7. NetZero’s freemium model lets you experience their service before committing to a premium plan.
  8. NetZero offers customer support to assist you with any issues or queries, ensuring a smooth experience.
  9. NetZero’s free service doesn’t come with activation charges or hidden fees.

Is NetZero still free?

Netzero is still free.

FAQs on Netzero Free Internet

These are the frequently asked questions about Netzero Free Internet:

Is the quality of Netzero Free Internet the same as paid Internet services?

NetZero’s free internet quality is not the same as its paid plans. While the free plan provides basic connectivity for essential tasks, paid plans typically offer higher data allowances, faster speeds, and more robust performance.

Are there privacy concerns with using free public internet?

Yes, free public networks are less secured, making your data more susceptible to hacking or unauthorized access. It’s recommended to use a virtual private network (VPN) for added security and encryption when using public networks.

Are Netzero Free Internet programs available globally?

NetZero is not available everywhere globally.

Is Netzero Free Internet enough for home internet?

NetZero’s free internet is enough for home internet if your online activities are within the range of light usage, such as checking emails and basic browsing. However, It might not be sufficient for heavy internet usage at home, especially if you require streaming, online gaming, or multiple devices connected simultaneously.


NetZero offers a range of internet plans that cater to different needs and usage habits. Their freemium model provides free and premium options, allowing users to choose based on their requirements. The free plan is suitable for light browsing and email checking, making it a cost effective choice for essential online tasks.

However, NetZero’s premium plans are worth considering if you need higher data allowances, faster speeds, and more comprehensive capabilities such as streaming and online gaming. NetZero Free Internet offers flexibility to upgrade or switch between different plans and allows users to adapt their internet service as their needs evolve.


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