SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone: How to Get

SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone

Can a well-regarded, reputable company really hand out the most coveted tech accessory of our era for free?

That was exactly my thought when I heard about SafeLink Wireless offering free iPhones!

Intrigued and slightly dubious, I decided to delve deeper and finally managed to grab one.

Join me as I explain how you too can get the SafeLink free iPhone.

What is the SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone Offer?

The SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone offer is a program that provides eligible customers with complimentary iPhone models at a massively discounted price as low as $149.

Do not despair because the SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone Offer is worth it. Along with the almost free phone, customers also receive unlimited high-speed data, talk, and text as part of the Lifeline & ACP programs.

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Follow these steps to get the SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone:

  1. Visit the SafeLink Wireless website and navigate through to find the “Apply” button.
  2. Enter your zip code and click “Apply Now” to view available free plans.
  3. Choose the Lifeline & ACP Combo Plan to receive the maximum benefits.
  4. Provide your personal information and upload documentation to confirm your income or participation in a qualifying government benefit program.
  5. After uploading the required documents to the National Verifier, you will be redirected to SafeLink’s website.
  6. Select your iPhone choice from the available options.
  7. Make your payment using your credit card number.
  8. Your almost free device will be shipped within 7-10 business days.
  9. You will receive a confirmation email with your order’s tracking number.
  10. If you visit the SafeLink Wireless offline office, you can get your almost Free iPhone on the go.

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Eligibility Criteria

These are the eligibility criteria to get the SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone:

  1. Age Requirement: You must be at least 18 or an emancipated minor.
  2. Residency: You must reside in one of the following U.S. states where AirTalk Wireless offers its services: California, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.
  3. Income Eligibility: Your annual household income must be at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines to qualify for Lifeline due to low income.
  4. Government Assistance Programs: You or any member of your household must participate in one of the following qualifying government assistance programs: Medicaid/Medi-Cal, SNAP (Food Stamps)/CalFresh, SSI, FPHA, Veterans Pension and Survivors Benefit, Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, Head Start (income qualifying standard), Tribal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Tribal TANF), or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations.

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Required Documents

These are the Documents required to get the SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone:

  1. Passport or U.S. government-issued ID.
  2. Birth Certificate to verify your date of birth.
  3. Proof of Address, such as a utility bill or current lease statement.
  4. Proof of Income, like an income statement from your employer or paycheck stub.
  5. Driver’s License as a valid form of identification.
  6. Certificate of U.S. Citizenship or Certificate of Naturalization if applicable.
  7. Current Income Statement or W-2 to verify your income.
  8. Proof of Program Participation, such as a statement of benefits from a qualifying program.
  9. Social Security Number or Tribal ID Number.
  10. Proof of life to ensure your current status.

These are the iPhone models offered for free by SafeLink Wireless:

  1. iPhone 6.
  2. iPhone 6s.
  3. iPhone 7.
  4. iPhone 8.

This table compares the SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone Models:

iPhone ModelProcessorDisplayStorageCameraBatteryRAMWater and Dust Resistance3.5mm Headphone JackWireless Charging
iPhone 6A84.7″16GB8 MP1810mAhwireless chargingNoYesNo
iPhone 6sA94.7″32GB12 MP1715mAh2GBNoYesNo
iPhone 7A104.7″32GB12 MP1960mAh2GBIP67NoNo
iPhone 8A114.7″64GB12 MP1821mAh2GBIP67NoYes

It can take as little as 7 to 10 business days to get your free SafeLink Wireless iPhone shipped to you for free. However, in some cases where you visit their offline office, you can get your iPhone on the spot.

How to Choose the Best SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone

Follow these steps to choose the Best Safelink Wireless Free iPhone:

  1. Check Eligibility: Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria, including residing in one of the eligible U.S. states and participating in qualifying government assistance programs.
  2. Research Available Models: Explore the range of free iPhone models SafeLink Wireless offers. Consider factors such as specifications, features, and reviews to find the one that best suits your needs.
  3. Verify Coverage: Confirm that SafeLink Wireless provides reliable coverage in your area to ensure seamless connectivity.
  4. Review Plan Benefits: Look into the free plan benefits, such as unlimited high-speed data, talk, and text, to ensure they align with your usage requirements.
  5. Apply Online: Visit the SafeLink Wireless website and apply.
  6. Select Free iPhone: Choose your free iPhone model from the available options once approved.
  7. Complete Shipping Details: Provide the shipping information for the free iPhone to be delivered to your doorstep.

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These are the benefits of getting the SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone:

  1. Free unlimited high-speed data, picture messaging, and texting.
  2. Receive a free 4G/5G smartphone from iconic brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, and more, including models like iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Pixels.
  3. Enjoy nationwide coverage on the nation’s fastest and most reliable 4G/5G network.
  4. Free and fast nationwide shipping for your new device.
  5. No contracts, hidden fees, or monthly bills, ensuring worry-free and cost-free unlimited monthly service.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some Frequently Asked Questions about SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone:

Does SafeLink Wireless give iPhones?

SafeLink Wireless offers discounted iPhones as part of their free phone offer. Customers who qualify for the Lifeline & ACP Combo Plan can receive a free iPhone, such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7, along with free unlimited high-speed data, talk, and text.

Is the SafeLink Wireless free iPhone scam or a legit government smartphone program?

The SafeLink Wireless free iPhone offer is a legitimate government smartphone program under the Lifeline Assistance program.

Are there any hidden charges or fees associated with the free iPhone offer from SafeLink Wireless?

No hidden charges or fees are associated with the free iPhone offer from SafeLink Wireless.

Are the free iPhones from SafeLink Wireless unlocked?

As with all free government phones, there are network-specific restrictions or limitations. However, the free iPhones from SafeLink Wireless are likely to be unlocked.


SafeLink Wireless Free iPhone offer is an enticing opportunity for eligible customers to receive a massively discounted iPhone along with unlimited high-speed data, talk, and text through their Lifeline & ACP programs.

However, potential applicants should be aware of eligibility criteria, document requirements, and the possibility of locked devices. Overall, the free iPhone offer from SafeLink Wireless appears to be a promising opportunity for eligible individuals in select U.S. states.


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