What Phone Does Assurance Wireless Give You?

What Phone Does Assurance Wireless Give You

My buddy notified me how Assurance Wireless was hooking people up with free phones.

However, we were not sure of the type of phones they offer.

So, I decided to research the phones offered by Assurance Wireless.

This article explains What Phone Assurance Wireless gives you and their comparison.

What Phone Does Assurance Wireless Give You?

What Phone Does Assurance Wireless Give You?

Assurance Wireless provides various budget-friendly Android phones. However, the Moto G Pure is the most popular option that Assurance Wireless offers customers.

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What Phone Does Assurance Wireless Give You: Top 5

Top 5 Phones Provided by Assurance Wireless

These are the top 5 Phones provided by Assurance Wireless:

1. Moto G Pure

The Moto G Pure features a 5.7 inch Max Vision HD+ display, providing vibrant colours and sharp clarity for browsing, video watching, and gaming needs. Powered by a quad core processor, it ensures smooth multitasking and app performance.

It boasts an 8MP rear camera for capturing decent-quality photos and videos. Running on Android 11, you can access the latest software features and security updates.

Overall, the Moto G Pure is a reliable choice for everyday tasks and communication with a focus on user experience.

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2. Coolpad Illumina

The Coolpad Illumina offers a compact 5 inch display, making it comfortable for one handed use and basic tasks. It runs on a quad core processor, suitable for essential tasks like calls, texts, and light browsing.

The 5MP rear camera is designed for simple photography needs. Operating on Android 9, it provides a straightforward user interface for basic functionality.

Coolpad Illumina is a budget friendly option with a compact design, ideal for users looking for simplicity.

3. REVVL 4 Plus

The REVVL 4 Plus has a spacious 6.5 inch HD+ display, perfect for multimedia consumption and gaming. Its octa core processor ensures swift performance, even with multiple apps open.

With a 16MP rear camera, it delivers better quality photos and videos. Running on Android 10, you can access the latest features and improvements.

REVVL 4 Plus is a larger smartphone designed for users who enjoy a more immersive screen and better camera capabilities.

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4. Alcatel Dawn

The Alcatel Dawn features a compact 4.5 inch display, suitable for one handed use and basic tasks. It’s powered by a dual core processor, making it ideal for essential communication and light browsing.

Equipped with a 5MP rear camera for quick photo needs. Operating on Android 6, it offers a user friendly interface for everyday use.

Alcatel Dawn is a straightforward and budget friendly choice for users focused on basic communication.

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5. Kyocera Hydro Reach

The Kyocera Hydro Reach stands out with its water resistant properties, making it suitable for outdoor activities. It features a 5 inch display and is designed to withstand rugged conditions.

With a quad core processor, it ensures smooth operation even in challenging environments. The 5MP rear camera is handy for capturing photos and videos on the go. Operating on Android 5.1, it provides essential functionality.

Kyocera Hydro Reach is a durable option for users who need a phone that can handle tough conditions.

Comparing What Phone Does Assurance Wireless Give You

This table compares the models of Phone Assurance Wireless Give You:

Phone ModelDisplay SizeProcessorRear CameraFront CameraBattery CapacityOperating SystemSpecial Features
Moto G Pure5.7 inch Max Vision HD+Quad core8MP5MP3000mAhAndroid 11Smooth performance, Android 11
Coolpad Illumina5 inchQuad core5MP2MP2150mAhAndroid 9Compact design, budget friendly
REVVL 4 Plus6.5 inch HD+Octa core16MP8MP4000mAhAndroid 10Large display, improved camera
Alcatel Dawn4.5 inchDual core5MP2MP1780mAhAndroid 6Compact, basic communication
Kyocera Hydro Reach5 inchQuad core5MP2MP2160mAhAndroid 5.1Water resistant, rugged design

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Factors Determining What Phone Does Assurance Wireless Give You

These are the factors determining what Phone Assurance Wireless gives you:

  1. Location: The available phone models vary depending on location and the network infrastructure in your area.
  2. Eligibility: The specific government program you qualify for can influence the phone options available to you.
  3. Inventory: The inventory of free phones at Assurance Wireless can impact your options. They typically offer budget friendly Android phones as part of the Lifeline Assistance Program.
  4. Network Compatibility: Assurance Wireless uses T Mobile’s network, so the phone provided must be compatible with this network.
  5. Budget: Assurance Wireless focuses on providing phones to low income individuals, so the available phones are budget friendly options.

How to Choose the Best Phone from Assurance Wireless

Follow these steps to choose the Best Phone from Assurance Wireless:

  1. Start by identifying your primary requirements. Do you need a phone mainly for calls and texts, or do you want to use it for internet browsing, social media, and apps? Knowing your needs will help you narrow down your choices.
  2. Ensure that the phone you select is compatible with Assurance Wireless and T Mobile’s network.
  3. Review the features and specifications of the available phone models. Look for aspects like processor speed, RAM, storage capacity, camera quality, and battery life.
  4. Search for reviews or feedback from users who have used the specific phone models offered by Assurance Wireless.
  5. If possible, visit a local Assurance Wireless representative or store for a hands on experience with the available phones.
  6. Think about the level of customer support you might need. Assurance Wireless provides customer service, so check their availability and responsiveness.
  7. While considering your current needs, think about how well the phone will serve you in the future.
  8. Finally, trust your personal preferences. If a specific phone model feels comfortable to hold and use, and you like its design, that can be an essential factor in your decision.

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Does Assurance Wireless have iPhone?

Assurance Wireless does not have an iPhone. Assurance Wireless only offers free Android phones to eligible customers.

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FAQs on What Phone Does Assurance Wireless Give You

These are the frequently asked questions on What Phone Does Assurance Wireless Give You:

Does Assurance Wireless provide a free phone?

Assurance Wireless offers eligible customers a free phone and service plan through government subsidized programs like Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

How often can a customer receive a free phone from Assurance Wireless?

Assurance Wireless provides one free phone per eligible household. Customers only receive a free phone when they initially qualify for the program.

Can customers choose which free phone they receive?

Customers can only choose a free phone from the options made available by Assurance Wireless.

Can customers upgrade to a different phone model?

Customers can upgrade to a different phone model if they wish. However, it is not for free.


Assurance Wireless provides a lifeline to essential communication services for eligible individuals and households. Assurance Wireless offers free phones and service plans to those in need through government subsidized programs like Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

The question of, What Phone Does Assurance Wireless Give You? This is what this article answers. While the specific phone models available may vary, Assurance Wireless typically provides budget friendly Android smartphones that cater to various needs.

These phones often come with features such as touchscreen displays, cameras, and internet connectivity. Customers also have the opportunity to benefit from unlimited talk and text, as well as data plans with generous data allowances, making it easier for them to stay connected in today’s digital age.


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