Free Boost Mobile Phones Online: How to Get, Top 5

Free Boost Mobile Phones Online

Imagine my surprise when, during a late-night online browsing session, I stumbled upon a treasure: free Boost Mobile phones!

In our modern world, where it seems like everything carries a price tag, this discovery was nothing short of amazing.

Intrigued about how you could score Free Boost Mobile Phones Online from this leading telecom provider?

Stay with me as I detail this exciting find and explain how you can get one for yourself too.

What are Free Boost Mobile Phones Online?

Free Boost Mobile Phones Online

Free Boost Mobile Phones Online are online promotions and deals from Boost Mobile that offer customers the opportunity to obtain a mobile device without any upfront payment.

These offers are typically accessible when you switch to the Boost Mobile network. Once you become a member, you can transfer your existing phone number from your current network or add a new line to receive a complimentary phone.

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How to Get Free Boost Mobile Phones Online

Follow these steps to get Free Boost Mobile Phones Online:

  1. Check your phone’s compatibility by dialing *#06# from your phone; you will be required to enter your IMEI number.
  2. Buy a Boost Mobile SIM card online.
  3. Choose a compatible plan from the Boost Mobile shop.
  4. Complete the activation process for your phone with the plan you selected.

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Top 5 Free Boost Mobile Phones Online

Top 5 Free Boost Mobile Phones Online

These are the Top 5 Free Boost Mobile Phones Online:


The Mediatek MT6750S processor, 3 GB of Memory, and 32 GB of storage power the 2018 LG Stylo 4 Plus smartphone.

It runs Android 8.1 out of the box (Oreo). The LG Stylo 4 Plus’s Li-Po 3300 mAh battery lasts. IPS technology powers the 6.2-inch IPS display with a 1080 x 2160 pixel resolution.

This device’s metal frame and 2.5D arc glass make it attractive and easy to hold.


The Coolpad Snap lets your phone text and manage your calendar and reminders. User friendly navigation, a large keypad, and dedicated buttons make staying in contact easily.

The Coolpad Snap is ideal for retirees, tourists, and people who prefer simple mobile capabilities.


The LG Stylo 5 boosts productivity, creativity, and enjoyment. It elegantly blends the fun Stylo line with the top smartphones.

FHD+ (2160x1080px) quality and an immersive edge-to-edge display create a lasting impression.


The Galaxy A20 is sleek, comfortable to hold, and easy to use. The AMOLED panel provides excellent contrast, near-neutral whites, and the choice of four color presets.

While the screen may not be as sharp as that of high end smartphones, it is gentle on the eyes, well calibrated, and visually pleasing.


With its powerful Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 632 octa core CPU and enough RAM, the Moto G7 Play performs well.

Enjoy games, movies, and photographs on the ultrawide 5.7″ Max Vision HD+ display. The 13 Megapixel rear camera and front flash capture priceless moments.

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Free Boost Mobile Phones Online Comparison Table

This table compares the top free Boost Mobile Phones Online:

Display5.7′′ HD+ (720px x 1520px)6.4″ (720×1560)HD+ pixels6.2′′ FHD+ (1080p)2.8′′ Touchscreen Display6.2′′ Full Vision TFT, Full HD+ (2160 × 1080),
ProcessorQualcomm® SnapdragonTMMM 632 processor with 1.8 GHz octa-core CPU and Adreno 506 GPU.octa core Exynos 7884 SoC with 1.6 GHz.1.8Hz Snapdragon 450Snapdragon 210 with 1.1 GHz Quad-Core Processor1.5 GHz Octa Core MediaTek MCoreT6750S Processor
Camera13MP Rear Camera and 8MP Front.13MP Rear (F1.9) + 5MP (F2.2)Front Camera: 8 MP 13MP PDAF rear and 5MP wide-angle front2MP Camera with Auto Focus16 MP rear and 5 MP front. Rear
Operating systemAndroid 9.0 Piebased One UIAndroid 9.0 PieAndroid O AOSPAndroid 8.1 Oreo
Battery capacity3,000 mAh4,000 mAh3,500 mAh1,390 mAh3,300 mAh

Eligibility Criteria to Get Free Boost Mobile Phones Online

This is the eligibility criteria for switching carriers to get free Boost mobile phones:

  1. You must have a compatible device or an unlocked cell phone that runs on their network.
  2. You must have an existing carrier’s bill with your name, address, and account number.
  3. The ESN, IMEI, or MEID number of your current phone is required.
  4. You are required to have an existing carrier’s account PIN.

Can I Get a Free Phone by Switching to Boost?

Subscribers who switch their numbers from other service providers will receive free phones from Boost.

Benefits of Obtaining a Free Boost Mobile Phones Online

These are the benefits of obtaining a Free Boost Mobile phone Online:

  1. Cost savings: One of the primary benefits is the cost savings associated with acquiring a free Boost Mobile phone online. By obtaining a phone for free, you can save a significant amount of money compared to purchasing a new device outright.
  2. Accessibility: Online platforms provide convenience and accessibility for obtaining a free Boost Mobile phone. You can browse through a variety of options, compare specifications, and choose a phone that suits your needs, all from the comfort of your own home.
  3. Network compatibility: Boost Mobile phones are designed to work seamlessly with the Boost Mobile network. By obtaining a phone directly from Boost Mobile online, you can ensure compatibility and optimal performance on their network.
  4. Upgraded features: Free Boost Mobile phones often have upgraded features compared to older devices. You may have access to improved camera capabilities, larger screens, faster processors, and enhanced software features, allowing you to enjoy a more advanced mobile experience.
  5. Contract flexibility: Obtaining a free Boost Mobile phone online offers flexibility regarding contracts and plans. You can choose from various prepaid options to control your usage and spending without being tied to a long-term contract.
  6. Warranty and support: Free Boost Mobile phones obtained online usually come with a warranty, providing peace of mind in case of any technical issues or defects. Additionally, Boost Mobile offers customer support to assist with troubleshooting, ensuring you receive the necessary assistance when needed.
  7. Promotional offers: Online platforms often have promotional offers and exclusive deals. By taking advantage of these offers, you may receive additional benefits such as discounted plans, bonus data, or other perks that enhance your overall mobile experience.

How to order a Free Boost Mobile phone online?

Follow these steps to order a Free Boost Mobile Phones Online:

  1. Visit the Boost Mobile website
  2. Browse available phones
  3. Choose the free Boost Mobile phone that you are interested in obtaining
  4. Click on the phone’s image or name to access its detailed information and specifications.
  5. Ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements for the free phone offer.
  6. Review the available plans that are compatible with the free phone.
  7. Once you have selected the desired phone and plan, click on “Add to Cart.”
  8. Proceed to the checkout page. Provide the necessary information, including your personal details, shipping address, and payment information.
  9. After entering the required information, click on the “Place Order” or similar button to confirm your order.
  10. Once your order is successfully placed, your free Boost Mobile phone will be shipped to the provided address.

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Which Network Does Boost Mobile Use?

Boost Mobile operates on T Mobile’s network, which has the widest coverage among all 5G networks.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the Frequently Asked Questions about Free Boost Mobile Phone Online:

What kind of warranty is offered for free Boost Mobile phones?

Boost Mobile offers 1 year warranty on their phones, which covers mechanical or electrical defects.

Can I keep my existing phone number when getting a free Boost Mobile phone?

You can keep your current number. For new clients, Boost Mobile conducts number porting. You must wait to discontinue your service if you want to maintain your number. Number transfers will fail if you don’t.


The availability of free Boost Mobile phones online has revolutionized the way people access and experience telecommunications. It has bridged the digital divide by providing affordable and accessible devices to individuals who may not have had the means otherwise.

This initiative has empowered users to connect with loved ones, explore educational resources, and access vital services, enhancing their overall quality of life.


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