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Free Samsung Watch

I immediately noticed the sleek Galaxy watch on my friend’s wrist as he approached me at the park.

I couldn’t help but ask him how he got it, knowing fully well that he couldn’t afford it.

He gave me full details on how he got the Samsung Galaxy watch for free and, I eventually followed his steps and was able to get mine too.

This article explains the steps to get your own Free Samsung Watch.

What is the Free Samsung Watch Offer?

What is the Free Samsung Watch Offer?

The Free Samsung Watch offer is a promotion where you can get a free Samsung Galaxy watch upon purchasing a qualifying phone from the same company.

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How to Get a Free Samsung Watch

Follow these steps to get a Free Samsung Watch:

  1. Make a Samsung phone purchase: Purchase a qualifying mobile device from a participating retailer.
  2. Claim on the Samsung Members App: Follow the necessary steps on the app to claim your free watch.
  3. Receive Validation Email: The Samsung team will review your claim, and you will receive an email confirming its validation.
  4. Receive your free Samsung Watch: Within 45 days of validation, your Galaxy Watch Active will be sent to the address you provided in your claim.

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Eligibility Criteria

These are the Eligibility Criteria to get a Free Samsung Watch:

  1. Age Requirement: You must be 18 to be eligible for a free Samsung Watch.
  2. Purchase a Qualifying Samsung Device: You must buy a Samsung device from an authorized retailer.
  3. Register Your Purchase: Visit Samsung’s website or use the Samsung Members app to register your purchase within the specified time.
  4. Provide Proof of Purchase: You must submit a valid proof of purchase, such as a receipt, invoice, or packing slip. This document should display the purchase date, the retailer’s name, and the Samsung device’s model number.

Required Documents

These are the Required Documents to get a Free Samsung Watch:

  1. Proof of Purchase: You’ll need to gather your proof of purchase, which can be a receipt, invoice, or packing slip. Ensure it includes the purchase date, retailer’s name, and the Samsung device’s model number.
  2. Redemption Form: Find the redemption form on the Samsung website or the Samsung Members app. Fill it out with your contact information shipping address, and attach the proof of purchase.

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Top 3 Galaxy Watches Offered for Free by Samsung

These are the Top 3 Galaxy Watches Offered for Free by Samsung:

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is a stylish smartwatch with stainless steel or titanium frame options. It offers a 1.4 inch Super AMOLED display, ECG certification, and a blood pressure monitor.

The watch is water resistant, equipped with various sensors, and powered by Android Wear OS 4. It has a 361mAh battery with wireless Qi charging and supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 features a stainless steel frame, a 1.4 inch Super AMOLED display, and ECG certification. It’s water resistant and includes sensors like accelerometer, heart rate monitor, and barometer.

The watch runs on Tizen OS 5.5, has a 340mAh battery with wireless Qi charging, and supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 is a lightweight, durable smartwatch with a sapphire crystal front and aluminum frame. It offers a 1.5 inch Super AMOLED display and ECG certification.

This watch has a variety of sensors, including a thermometer for skin temperature. It runs on Android Wear OS 4, has a 425mAh battery with 10W wireless Qi charging, and supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

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Free Samsung Watch Models Comparison Table

Free Samsung Watch Models Comparison Table

This table compares all the Free Samsung Watch Models:

FeaturesGalaxy Watch 4 ClassicGalaxy Watch Active 2Galaxy Watch 6
Design & DurabilityStainless steel or titanium frame, water resistant (IP68)Stainless steel frame, water resistant (IP68)Aluminum frame, water resistant (IP68)
Dimensions (mm)45.5 x 45.5 x 11 (46mm) / 42mm version available44 x 44 x 10.942.8 x 44.4 x 9 (44mm) / 40mm version available
Weight (g)52 (46mm) / 46.5 (42mm)4233.3 (44mm) / 28.7 (40mm)
Display1.4 inch Super AMOLED, 450 x 450 pixels, Corning Gorilla Glass DX1.4 inch Super AMOLED, 360 x 360 pixels, Corning Gorilla Glass DX+1.5 inch Super AMOLED, 480 x 480 pixels, Sapphire crystal
Always on DisplayYesYesYes
Operating SystemAndroid Wear OS 4, One UI Watch 5Tizen OS 5.5Android Wear OS 4, One UI Watch 5
ChipsetExynos W920 (5 nm)Exynos 9110 (10 nm)Exynos W930 (5 nm)
CPUDual core 1.18 GHz Cortex A55Dual core 1.15 GHz Cortex A53Dual core 1.4GHz Cortex A55
GPUMali G68Mali T720Mali G68
Memory (RAM/Storage)1.5GB RAM / 16GB storage768MB RAM / 4GB storage2GB RAM / 16GB storage
ECG CertificationYesYesYes
Blood Pressure MonitorNoNoYes
SensorsAccelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, compassAccelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, VO2maxAccelerometer, gyro, compass, heart rate, barometer, thermometer
Battery Type & CapacityLi Ion 361mAh, non removableLi Ion 340mAh, non removableLi Ion 425mAh, non removable
Wireless ChargingQi WirelessQi Wireless10W Wireless (Qi)
ConnectivityWiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BDS, NFCWiFi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BDS, NFCWiFi, Bluetooth 5.3, GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BDS, NFC
ColorsBlack, Silver, Thom Browne Edition, Bespoke EditionBlack, Silver, GoldGraphite, Silver, Gold

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How to Choose the Best Free Samsung Watch

Consider these points to Choose the Best Free Samsung Watch:

  • Consider Your Needs: Determine what you’ll use the watch for. Do you need fitness tracking, notifications, or advanced health features?
  • Check Compatibility: Ensure the watch works with your smartphone so you can sync and access all its features.
  • Design and Comfort: Look for a watch that matches your style and is comfortable to wear all day.
  • Battery Life: Consider how long the battery lasts so you’re not constantly recharging.
  • Software and Features: Research the watch’s operating system and features to ensure they suit your preferences.
  • Customer Reviews: Read reviews from other users to understand their experiences and satisfaction with the watch.

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How Do I Claim My Samsung Smartwatch?

Follow these steps to claim your Samsung Smartwatch:

  1. Register for the Samsung Members app on your device.
  2. Visit the benefits section in the app and click on the claim banner.
  3. You will be directed to the claim website.
  4. Upload your proof of purchase and provide the necessary information.
  5. Submit your claim.

Benefits of Getting Free Samsung Watch

These are the Benefits of Getting Free Samsung Watch:

  1. Enhanced Convenience: Samsung watches provide quick access to notifications, calls, and apps right on your wrist.
  2. Fitness and Health: They offer fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring, and even features like ECG and blood pressure measurement for a healthier lifestyle.
  3. Customization: Samsung watches come in various styles and colors, allowing you to express your personality.
  4. Smart Integration: Seamlessly connect with your Samsung smartphone for an integrated tech experience.
  5. Cost Savings: By getting a free Samsung watch through promotions or deals, you enjoy the benefits without spending extra money.

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FAQs on Free Samsung Watch

These are the frequently asked questions on Free Samsung Watch:

Do I Need to Make a Purchase to Get the Free Watch From Samsung?

You need to make a purchase to get the free watch from Samsung.

What is the Specific Watch Model Being Offered for Free?

The specific watch model offered for free is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6, Galaxy Active 2, and Galaxy watch 4 Classic.

Can I Transfer the Watch to Someone Else?

You cannot transfer your free Samsung watch to someone else.


In the world of tech and wearables, getting a free Samsung Watch is an exciting opportunity. Whether it’s for staying connected, tracking your health, or adding a stylish accessory to your wrist, these timepieces offer a lot. Remember, each deal may have conditions and availability, so watch for the right chance.


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