Free Computers for Homeschoolers: Get Homeschooling Laptop

Free Computers for Homeschoolers

Are your homeschooling children missing out on technology due to a lack of personal computer or laptop?

Homeschooling can be expensive! So how do you keep costs down? The solution is: Free computers for homeschoolers.

You’ll be shocked at what’s available to you to help them learn at home.

There are tons of options out there to get Free Computers for Homeschoolers, so let’s review them!

What is the Free Computers for Homeschoolers Program?

Free Computers for Homeschoolers Program refers to various initiatives that provide free or discounted computers and laptops to homeschooling families, facilitated by organizations like Microsoft and World Computer Exchange.

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Top 5 Free Computers for Homeschoolers Programs

Free Computers for Homeschoolers

These are the top 5 Programs to get Free Computers for Homeschoolers:

1. Notebook For Students Non-Profit

Notebook For Students is a Non Profit organization that provides free laptops for homeschoolers that qualify under Microsoft policies.

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2. World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange provides free and refurbished laptops for homeschoolers in developing nations.

They can offer you computers for free and in bulk (they can also offer a low amount of units). Just fill out the form on their website and if you qualify, they will be willing to help.

3. The On it Foundation

The On it Foundation is another nonprofit that is making a big impact in communities that are not as fortunate as others.

They have given away laptops to students in India, Peru, and Kenya. If you sign up, you could be given one of these laptops for free.

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4. Microsoft Laptop For Schools

Microsoft Laptop For Schools is a Microsoft program that gives away free computers to public schools.

If you are interested in getting computers for free from Microsoft, you must simply apply. It doesn’t cost anything to get computers.

5. Computers with Causes

Computers with Causes is a very popular 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization that believes in supporting people with causes.

They believe in supporting students, teachers, seniors, foster homes, shelters, disabled US veterans, and struggling military families.

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How to Get Free Computers for Homeschoolers?

Follow these steps to Get Free Computers for Homeschoolers:

  1. Select any of the above mentioned Free Computers for Homeschoolers program.
  2. Go to their official website and download the form to get free computers.
  3. Read their terms carefully and select the type of program and the device you are interested in.
  4. Fill out the form and wait for their response.

Following these steps will help you to Get Free Computers for Homeschoolers or you can fill out this Free Government Laptops Application Form to get one from the government.

Free Computers for Homeschooling Comparison Table

This table compares all the free computers for homeschooling:

Notebook For StudentsNon-profit, provides free laptopsQualify under Microsoft policies
World Computer ExchangeProvides free/refurbished laptopsHomeschoolers in developing nations
The On It FoundationGives laptops to less fortunate communitiesSignup required
Microsoft Laptop For SchoolsFree computers to public schoolsPublic schools
Computers with CausesSupports various groups with computersVarious groups including students

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Top 3 Free Laptop for Homeschooling

These are the top 3 free laptop for homeschooling:

  1. Macbook Air.
  2. Macbook Pro.
  3. Lenovo 100e Chromebook.

3 Best Desktop Computers for Homeschooling

These are the top 3 best desktop computers for homeschooling:

  1. Apple iMac Retina 5K 27″.
  2. HP Envy Desktop Intel Core i7 11th gen.
  3. Acer Aspire TC‑895.

Is It Possible to Get a Free Laptop for Homeschooling?

It is possible to get a free laptop for homeschooling. You can get a free computer by participating in a government program or take advantage of a special offer from a technology company.

Why Free Computers Are Needed for Homeschoolers

These are the reasons why free computers are essential for homeschoolers:

  1. Educational Resources Access:
    • Computers provide access to a vast array of educational resources online including interactive lessons, educational games, and e-books.
  2. Online Courses and Tutoring:
    • Homeschoolers can enroll in online courses, attend virtual classrooms, and receive online tutoring, expanding their educational opportunities.
  3. Individualized Learning:
    • Computers allow for personalized learning experiences, enabling students to learn at their own pace and explore areas of interest in depth.
  4. Skill Development:
    • Acquiring computer skills is crucial for modern-day literacy. It prepares homeschoolers for a digitalized world and enhances their future employability.
  5. Communication and Collaboration:
    • Computers facilitate communication and collaboration with educators, peers, and online communities, which is particularly important for homeschoolers who may have limited social interactions.
  6. Cost Efficiency:
    • Access to free computers can significantly reduce the financial burden on homeschooling families, making education more affordable.
  7. Parental Involvement:
    • Computers assist parents in tracking and managing their children’s educational progress, scheduling, and accessing teaching resources.
  8. Technological Innovation:
    • Exposure to the latest technological innovations and tools can stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills in homeschoolers.
  9. Preparation for Higher Education and Careers:
    • Familiarity with computers and online research is essential for higher education and many modern careers.
  10. Bridging the Digital Divide:
    • Providing free computers helps in bridging the digital divide, ensuring that homeschoolers from all socioeconomic backgrounds have equal opportunities to succeed academically.

What to Consider Before Getting Free Computers for Homeschoolers?

Consider these things before getting Free Computers for Homeschoolers:

  1. Child’s Age and Interest Level:
    • Tailor the choice of computer to the age and educational interests of your children, ensuring it supports their learning effectively.
  2. Type and Size of Computer:
    • Determine whether a desktop or laptop is more suitable for your homeschooling setup.
    • Consider the portability needs if you are frequently on the move; a laptop might be a better choice.
  3. Accessories Needed:
    • Assess if you’ll need additional accessories like keyboards or monitors to facilitate your children’s learning experience.
  4. Educational Software:
    • Check if the computer can support the educational software and tools your children will be using.
  5. Hardware Specifications:
    • Ensure the computer has adequate processing power, memory, and storage for smooth operation of educational applications.
  6. Internet Connectivity:
    • Ensure the computer can reliably connect to the internet for accessing online educational resources.
  7. Support and Warranty:
    • Look into the support and warranty options available, especially if you are getting a refurbished or donated computer.
  8. Program Eligibility:
    • Check the eligibility criteria of different programs offering free computers to ensure you qualify.
  9. Delivery Time:
    • Consider the delivery time of the free computers program, especially if you need the computer by a certain date for homeschooling.
  10. Community Impact:
    • Understand the impact of the program in your community or in global communities, especially if the program operates internationally.

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FAQs on Free Computers for Homeschoolers

These are the most frequently asked questions on Free Computers and laptops for Homeschoolers:

Are the free homeschooling laptops brand new?

Both refurbished and new computers can be provided depending on the organization’s resources.


In conclusion, laptops are becoming more and more important in our society. They can help us gain the skills we need for work or education. There are many programs available that can help you get a laptop if you do not have one yourself. Thank you for reading!


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