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With the rise of technology, and the need to remain relevant in view, this is for everyone who needs a laptop but can’t afford it. Do you have a laptop that’s way due for a visit to the refuge house and can’t afford a new one? You too are about to get a brand new laptop for free!

Yes, the government and non-organizational firms have programs that allow people to get a free laptop with food stamps 2022 & 2023.

That’s why when I heard about this new program, where you can get a free laptop with food stamps or EBT, I knew I had to share the details through this article.

Top 5 Organizations that Offer a Free Laptop with Food Stamps, EBT

food stamps programs to get a laptop for free from the government

The following organizations can help you get a Free Laptop with Food Stamps:

1. Computer with Cause

This is an organization that makes provisions for laptops and computers. This organization investigates individuals and their backgrounds to ensure that you really need the computer and that having it will help in your development. The application form must show details that you are getting assistance from food stamps. You are required to provide adequate information. Your application will be checked and a computer released to you.

2. Everyone On

This organization partners with internet service and laptop providers to make provisions for internet and computers at very cheap rates for individuals who can’t afford them. They can help provide you with free laptops. Visit their website and go through the list of computer and internet service providers. Choose the provider that you desire to receive the free laptops with food stamps.

3. National Cristina Foundation

This is a privatized organization with the goal that every family in the United States of America despite their financial status should be able to make use of technology. They strive to remove all limitations to technology and give backup to individuals who desire to make tangible progress in life. Visit their website to gain more understanding of this.

4. Human I-T

This is a nonprofit foundation that makes provisions for technological gadgets like laptops. You can enroll for the Affordable connectivity program (APC) as they make provision for fast internet services and free laptops if you are a beneficiary of the food stamp program. Individuals who are enrolled in APC can benefit from free monthly services and up to $85 worth of hotspots. You can visit their website and fill out the form provided. Ensure to input the appropriate details required of you.

5. PCs for People

This organization is non-profit. It makes provision for laptops with high-speed internet. They strive to make provisions for laptops for low-income earners in the nation. Their standard eligibility rate is 200% below the federal poverty line. You will also need to be a beneficiary of the food stamps program to receive a free laptop from this organization.

How To Get a Free Laptop With Food Stamps in 2023

It’s important to note that the availability of programs or resources that provide free laptops or other types of assistance may vary depending on your location and other factors.

Here are a few options to Get a Free Laptop With Food Stamps:

  1. Check with your local Department of Social Services or a similar agency to see if there are any programs in your area that provide free laptops or other forms of assistance to individuals receiving food stamps. These programs may be funded by the federal government or by state or local agencies.
  2. Look into non-profit organizations or charities in your community that may offer free laptops or other forms of assistance to low-income individuals. These organizations may have programs specifically designed to help people receiving food stamps.
  3. Consider reaching out to your school or other educational institution to see if they have any programs or resources available to help students in need obtain a laptop. Some schools may have laptops available for loan or may have other resources available to help students get the technology they need.
  4. Look into local libraries or other community organizations that may offer free internet access and/or computers for use. These resources may be able to help you access the internet and complete your work or school assignments even if you don’t have your own laptop.

Read the eligibility criteria below and the top organizations that can provide you with a laptop without any money, by accepting food stamps.

Check out our detailed article on the free government laptops application form 2021 to get laptops from the government without paying anything.

Eligibility Criteria for Free Laptop with Food Stamps

The government and other organizations don’t want anyone to lose this opportunity of maximizing the Internet, therefore they collaborated with the Emergency Broadband Benefit to provide free laptops with food stamps.

To benefit from this program, you have to meet the following criteria:

1. Eligibility Based on Income

If You Are Applying for This Grant as An Unmarried Individual, Your Income Should Be Less than $99,000. if You Are Applying as A Couple, Your Income Should Be Less than $198,000. Your Income Rate Should Be Below the 135% Stipulated by The Federal Poverty Guideline. 

If you or a member of your family lost their job, you can also apply for this grant.

2. Eligibility Based on Being a Beneficiary

To be eligible for the free laptop with the food stamps 2022 program, you have to already be a beneficiary of the food stamp program. 
The food stamp program now SNAP (supplemental nutrition assistance program)  is a program developed by the federal government to adequately feed individuals that don’t have the money for food. To participate in this program, your income has to be below the stipulated federal poverty guidelines. Go through the test by submitting your required documents which would be validated. Once you are a beneficiary of the SNAP, you are eligible for the free laptop.

3. Eligibility Based on Pell Grant

If you or your family got entitled to the pell grant developed by the federal government during the ongoing year program, then you are eligible for this program.

4. Eligibility Based on Lunch Program

You are eligible for this program if you or your family has been made entitled to the subsidized school lunch or breakfast program.

Why Does an Organization Want Food Stamp Entitlement?

A food stamp entitlement is required as proof that an individual has undergone and passed the test given to ascertain that one belongs to the low-income earner’s class. Having an individual’s food entitlement would mean that the organization doesn’t need to make any other investigation to ensure that an individual belongs to the income rate stipulated by them.

List of Required Documents for Free Laptop with EBT

To get your free laptop with food stamps 2022, you will need these documents:

  • A photo ID belonging to you.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • Your current mailing address.
  • National identity card.
  • A document that shows you have already enrolled in the food stamps program.
  • A list of current addresses of some organizations.

Application Process

It is very important to have a clear understanding of the application process as your ability to submit an application fee for errors will increase your chances of getting a new laptop. To carry out the application process to get a free laptop with food stamps, follow the steps specified below.

  • Make sure you have the Emergency Broadband Benefit program eligibility. Check the national verified website to know your eligibility status. If you have eligibility, you are good to continue with the application process. If not, enroll.
  • Next is searching for a provider of EBB programs. You can search for EBB program providers close to you via Google. You will get a long list of providers. Choose a provider of your choice whom you want to be your source for benefiting from this program.
  • Ask for assistance from your provider for the EBB program on how to apply for the free laptop.
  • Visit the online application website and input all the required information in the application form. They can sometimes ask for documentation and food stamp entitlement to ascertain your eligibility status.
  • When your application is approved, your provider for the EBB program will provide you with information concerning other procedures that need to be taken. When the process is completed, your provider will make provisions for your new laptop.

Application Fees for Free Laptop with EBT

There are no application fees required. Just visit the local food stamp office and let them know you need a laptop, and provision will be made for it for free.

What to Do if You Get Rejected for The Free Laptop?

If you get rejected for the free laptop, you can contact your service provider for help, gather the Missing information and reapply.

Your application can be rejected if the information you provided and your eligibility status can not be validated. You will be given 30 days to provide the appropriate information. Failure to do this results in the rejection of the application.

Free Internet for Laptops with Food Stamps

The government in collaboration with some organizations has also provided a means for low income earners to have access to free and very affordable high speed internet services. To enjoy this grant, you have to be a beneficiary of the food stamps program or enroll for it if you haven’t.

Free Internet for Laptops with Food Stamps 2022

There are varieties of Organizations that provide free internet for laptops with food stamps. A list of such organizations has been made below.

1. Lifeline Broadband Program

This is an assistance program developed by the government to aid low income earning individuals and families to have easy access to the internet. It provides high speed internet services along with voice minutes at a very affordable rate of $9.25. To qualify for this program, you have to belong to the low income earner’s class and be a beneficiary of either the food stamp program or school lunch program.

This program also allows for the provision of high speed internet services at a very affordable price. You have to be a beneficiary of the food stamp program to also be eligible for this program.  You can visit the net link outlet in your location and get started on this program.

3. Cox Connect2compete

This organization also provides accessible internet services to low income earners. All you have to do is visit the Cox connect2compete website today to benefit from this program.

Can I Get Free Internet for My Free Laptop with Food Stamps in 2022?

Cox Connect2compete, Net Link, and Lifeline Broadband Program will get you free internet for your free laptop in 2022.

Can I Get a Free Tablet With the Food Stamp Program?

There are provisions in the government to provide low-income people with free tablets in exchange for food stamps.

Benefits of Getting a Free Laptop with Food Stamps

There are several benefits of getting a free laptop with food stamps, including:

  1. Improved access to education and employment opportunities: Having a laptop can be crucial for accessing online education and job resources, such as online classes, job search websites, and online job applications. A free laptop with food stamps can provide individuals and families with the tools they need to pursue educational and employment opportunities that may not be available to them otherwise.
  2. Increased connectivity and communication: A laptop with internet access can allow individuals and families to stay connected with friends, family, and community resources, even if they don’t have a home computer or internet access. This can be especially important for individuals and families who may be isolated or have limited access to technology.
  3. Improved quality of life: Having access to a laptop and the internet can provide individuals and families with access to a wide range of resources and opportunities, including education, employment, entertainment, and social connections. This can improve the overall quality of life and help individuals and families thrive in their communities.
  4. Cost savings: A free laptop with food stamps can save individuals and families money that they may have otherwise spent on purchasing a laptop or paying for internet access. This can be especially beneficial for low-income individuals and families who may have limited financial resources.
  5. Environmental benefits: Many free laptop programs with food stamps involve the distribution of refurbished or donated laptops, which can help reduce electronic waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.


We hope this article was helpful in answering your questions and giving you the needed information to acquire Free Laptop with Food Stamps 2022, 2023. You don’t need to worry about your application being denied. As long as you are below the federal poverty line, provide the necessary documents and apply for a food stamps program to gain eligibility for free laptops. There are various EBB program providers that can help you get your new and free laptop.

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