Free Laptop with EBT, Food Stamps: How to Get Near Me

Free Laptop with EBT

I recently got a laptop for free with my EBT card; to my surprise, the process was easy.

I was so happy that I decided to document the process of getting a free laptop with Food Stamps, hoping it could help others.

So, if you’re an EBT cardholder like me, keep reading to get a free Laptop with EBT.

What is the Free Laptop with EBT Program?

The Free Laptop with EBT Program is a government or charity-based initiative in some areas that offers free laptops to low-income individuals or families who are eligible for the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) system. This program is designed to support access to technology for educational, work, or personal development purposes.

Check out other Free Government Laptop programs if you aren’t a SNAP recipient.

Top 6 Free Laptop with EBT, Food Stamps Providers

food stamps programs to get a laptop for free from the government

These are the top 6 Free Laptop with EBT, Food Stamps Providers:

1. Computer with Causes

This is an organization that makes provisions for laptops and computers. This organization investigates individuals and their backgrounds to ensure that you need the computer and that having it will help your development.

The Free Government Laptops Application Form must show details that you are getting assistance from food stamps.

2. Everyone On

The Everyone On organization partners with internet service and laptop providers to make provisions for internet and computers at very cheap rates for individuals who can’t afford them.

Follow the steps mentioned in my Everyone On Free Laptop guide to get one for yourself.

3. National Cristina Foundation

This is a privatized organization with the goal that every family in the United States of America, despite their financial status, should be able to use technology.

They strive to remove all technological limitations and give backup to individuals who desire to make tangible progress.

4. Human I-T

Human It is a nonprofit foundation that makes provisions for technological gadgets like laptops.

Individuals enrolled in APC can benefit from free monthly services and up to $85 worth of hotspots.

Follow this guide to learn how to get a Human It Free Laptop.

5. PCs for People

This organization is non-profit. It makes provision for laptops with high-speed internet. They strive to make provisions for laptops for low-income earners in the nation.

Their standard eligibility rate is 200% below the federal poverty line.

You will also need to be a beneficiary of the food stamps program to receive a free laptop from this organization.

6. On It Foundation

The On It Foundation’s program for EBT laptop distribution primarily focuses on providing free computers to low-income families, especially those with students in grades K-12.

Eligibility for their program typically includes families who receive benefits like food stamps (EBT), are in low-income brackets in the United States.

The foundation not only offers computers but also provides computer training, tablets and internet access.

Check out my post on On It Foundation Free iPad to learn how to get a device from this organization.

How To Get a Free Laptop With EBT, Food Stamps, SNAP

Follow these steps to Get a Free Laptop With EBT, Food Stamps, SNAP:

  1. Determine Eligibility: Verify your eligibility for these programs. Low-income households, students, military veterans, and those facing financial hardships are eligible.
  2. Choose a Provider or Organization: Several organizations offer free laptops to eligible individuals.
  3. Fill Out the Application Form: Visit the chosen organization’s website and complete their application form.
  4. Submit Necessary Documentation: Prepare and submit required documents, such as proof of income (e.g., unemployment benefits, social security benefits), proof of government assistance program participation (e.g., benefit award letter, statement of benefits), and identity proof (e.g., government-issued ID, birth certificate).
  5. Follow-up: After submitting your application, follow the organization’s process for approval.

You can also get one if you have Medicaid. Check out my guide on Free Laptop Medicaid to learn more.

How to Find a Free Laptop with EBT Near Me

Follow these steps to find a Free Laptop with EBT Near Me:

  1. Search Local Non-Profit Organizations: Many non-profits provide free or low-cost laptops to individuals on EBT or food stamps. Search for local charities, community centers, or organizations focused on digital inclusion.
  2. Visit Government and Community Centers: Local government offices or community centers often have information on assistance programs, including those offering technology support.
  3. Check with Local Libraries: Some libraries run programs or know of local initiatives that provide free laptops to those in need.
  4. Online Searches: Use search engines with terms like “free laptop with EBT near me” or “technology assistance programs for low-income families.”
  5. Contact Schools or Educational Institutions: If you’re a student or have children in school, check if the school district has any programs for providing laptops to students from low-income families.
  6. Utilize Social Services Resources: Social services or welfare offices can provide information about available resources for those receiving EBT benefits.
  7. Explore Specific Programs Online: Look into programs like Computers with Causes, Everyone On, or PCs for People, which are known to offer technology assistance.
  8. Ask in Online Community Groups: Local community groups on social media platforms can be a valuable resource for information on where to find assistance.
  9. Inquire at Local Churches or Religious Centers: Sometimes, these centers run or know of programs that assist community members in need.

If you or your children attend a school, you can refer to my article on getting a Free Laptop from School.

Eligibility Criteria for Free Laptop with EBT

These are the Eligibility Criteria for Free Laptop with EBT:

1. Eligibility Based on Income

If you are applying for this grant as an unmarried individual, your income should be less than $99,000.

If you are applying as a couple, your income should be less than $198,000. your income rate should be below the 135% stipulated by the federal poverty guideline. 

If you or a family member lost their job, you can also apply for this grant.

Check out the ACP eligibility here.

2. Eligibility Based on Being a Beneficiary

  • To be eligible for the free laptop with the food stamps program, you have to already be a beneficiary of the food stamp program. 
  • The Food Stamp program, now SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), is a program developed by the federal government to adequately feed individuals who don’t have the money for food.
  • To participate in this program, your income has to be below the stipulated federal poverty guidelines.
  • Go through the test by submitting your required documents, which will be validated. Once you benefit from the SNAP, you are eligible for the free laptop.

If your kid is a homeschooler, check out this article on how to get a free laptop for homeschooling.

3. Eligibility Based on Pell Grant

If you or your family got entitled to the Pell Grant developed by the federal government during the ongoing year program, then you are eligible for this program.

Top 5 Laptop Models Offered Under EBT, Food Stamps, SNAP Program

These are the top 5 laptop models offered under EBT, Food Stamps Program:

  1. Dell Latitude 5480.
  2. MacBook Pro.
  3. MacBook Air.
  4. Dell Inspiron 14.
  5. Lenovo ThinkPad T460.

If you need a Macbook, check out this guide on how to get a Free Laptop from Apple.

Why Does an Organization Want Food Stamp Entitlement?

A food stamp entitlement is required as proof that an individual has undergone and passed the test given to ascertain that one belongs to the low-income earner’s class.

Having an individual’s food entitlement would mean that the organization doesn’t need to make any other investigation to ensure that an individual belongs to the income rate stipulated by them.

List of Required Documents for Free Laptop with EBT

These are the documents required to get a free laptop with EBT:

  1. A photo ID belonging to you.
  2. A copy of your passport.
  3. Your current mailing address.
  4. National identity card.
  5. A document that shows you have already enrolled in the food stamps program.
  6. A list of current addresses of some organizations.

If you are pursuing a diploma, check out how to get a High School Diploma Online Free Laptop for Adults.

How to Apply for a Free Laptop with EBT

Follow these steps to apply for a Free Laptop with EBT:

  1. Make sure you have the Emergency Broadband Benefit program eligibility.
  2. Select a provider of EBB programs.
  3. Ask for assistance from your provider for the EBB program on how to apply for the free laptop.
  4. Visit the online application website and input all the required information in the application form. They can sometimes request documentation and food stamp entitlement to ascertain your eligibility status.
  5. When your application is approved, your provider for the EBB program will provide you with information concerning other procedures that need to be taken. Your provider will make provisions for your new laptop when the process is completed.

Application Fees for Free Laptop with EBT

There are no application fees required. Just visit the local food stamp office and let them know you need a laptop; provision will be made for free.

What to Do if You Get Rejected for The Free Laptop?

If you get rejected for the free laptop, you can contact your service provider for help, gather the Missing information, and reapply.

Your application can be rejected if the information you provided and your eligibility status can not be validated. You will be given 30 days to provide the appropriate information. Failure to do this results in the rejection of the application.

If you own a business, you should know that there are provisions to get a Free Laptop for Business.

FAQs on Free Laptop with EBT & Food Stamps

These are the most frequently asked questions on Free Laptop with EBT, Food Stamps:

Can I Get Free Internet for My Free Laptop with Food Stamps?

Cox, Connect2compete, Net Link, and Lifeline Broadband Program will get free internet for your free laptop.

Benefits of Getting a Free Laptop with Food Stamps

These are the benefits of getting a free laptop with food stamps:

  1. Improved access to education and employment opportunities: Having a laptop can be crucial for accessing online education and job resources, such as online classes, job search websites, and online job applications. A free laptop with food stamps can provide individuals and families the tools to pursue educational and employment opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable.
  2. Increased connectivity and communication: A laptop with internet access can allow individuals and families to stay connected with friends, family, and community resources, even if they don’t have a home computer or internet access. This can be especially important for individuals and families who may be isolated or have limited access to technology.
  3. Improved quality of life: A laptop and the internet can provide individuals and families access to various resources and opportunities, including education, employment, entertainment, and social connections. This can improve the overall quality of life and help individuals and families thrive in their communities.
  4. Cost savings: A free laptop with food stamps can save individuals and families money they may have spent on purchasing a laptop or paying for internet access. This can especially benefit low-income individuals and families with limited financial resources.
  5. Environmental benefits: Many free laptop programs with food stamps involve distributing refurbished or donated laptops, which can help reduce electronic waste and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Adaptive is one organization that offers laptops without the need for food stamps. Check out how you can get an free laptop.


We hope this article helped answer your questions and give you the needed information to acquire a Free Laptop with EBT and food Stamps. You don’t need to worry about your application being denied. If you are below the federal poverty line, provide the necessary documents and apply for a food stamps program to gain eligibility for free laptops. Various EBB program providers can help you get your new and free laptop.


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