Free Stuff for Seniors Over 60 from Government

Free Stuff for Seniors Over 60

They say life begins at 60, and I couldn’t agree more.

Now that I’m firmly within this club, I’ve uncovered a little secret.

The world is filled with freebies for us seniors – yes, free stuff!

From Free Senior Landline Phone Service to dining deals, I’ve got a whole treasure trove to share.

So in this article, I have made a detailed list of all available free stuff for seniors over 60 and how to get them.

Free Stuff for Seniors Over 60: Top 10 Freebies

Free Stuff for Seniors Over 60

These are the top 10 free stuff for seniors over 60:

1. Free Cell Phones for Seniors Over 60

If you are looking to get the best free phone as a senior over 60, check out these service providers:

Assurance Wireless

seniors who qualify for a plan with this service provider can get various benefits like free cell phones, data, phone calls, and texting.

This service provider offers various advantages to qualifying seniors above 60 such as free data with 3G speed monthly, unlimited calls, and text messages. You can also get free phones from them.

Seniors can easily qualify for free communication packages and keep their phone numbers and cell phones safe with safelink.


Jitterbug Smart2 is offered by Jitterbug if you are a senior. Check out this post on Free Jitterbug Phone for Seniors to learn more.

Medicare Phones for Seniors

If you are a senior above the age of 60, you can get a free phone through Medicare. Read this post on Free Phones for Seniors on Medicare to learn more.

You can also get discounted home phone service if you are a senior. Check this post on Cheap Landline Phone Service for Seniors without Internet to know more

2. Food Freebies for Seniors Over 60

There are numerous stores and restaurants that readily offer food freebies for senior citizens. We have made a list of fast food spots that offer food freebies to seniors to help you take advantage of this offer:

Arby’s Free Drinks

Arby’s is a platform that offers free drinks to seniors.

Burger King Free Coffee

Burger king offers free coffee to seniors who are members of AARP.

Dunkin Free Donuts

Dunkin is a spot that offers free donuts for individuals who are over 60. All you have to do is locate a Dunkin spot in your area and get your free donuts.

KFC Free Food

KFC is a food spot that offers free drinks to seniors. However, you will have to purchase some items to get a free drink.

Taco Bell Free drinks

Taco Bell owns a store called YUM which offers free drinks to seniors over 60 and you don’t have to purchase anything to get them.

3. Medical Supplies for Seniors Above 60

Seniors over 60 can get free medical supplies from various agencies and clinics. Some medical freebies seniors can get from available sources are:

Free Dentures

The National Association of Free and Charitable Clinic offers free dentures to seniors. However, you would have to meet the specified income requirements and other basic criteria.

Free Hearing Aids

Seniors can get free hearing aids with the help of Medicaid, medicare advantage, or the Department of Veterans Affairs as long as they meet their eligibility criteria.

Wheelchairs/ Canes/ Walkers

Area Agency on Aging provides programs that allow seniors to borrow equipment to help their mobility for their usage at home.

4. Free Dating Sites

There are numerous free dating sites available for seniors who are looking for love. These sites offer free membership to individuals at 60 and above. Some of these sites are:

Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle is a site that offers free membership to millions of senior members who seek to connect with someone to share their faith with or build friendships with. is one of the biggest platforms with millions of participants. His site also offers free membership to senior citizens.


OurTime is a site that caters to singles and individuals who are 50 and above with a very basic layout.

5. Free Professional Services

If you are in need of help regarding professional services as a senior, you can easily get free assistance from the sources below:

Financial Planning

Seniors can get free assistance with financial planning from a platform called AARP. They offer free financial advice and free money from the government to low income earning seniors.

6. Free Home Renovations for 60+ Seniors

There are platforms like Habitat for Humanity that offer free home renovation services to help disabled low income earning seniors.

Seniors can get free legal guidance from the Legal Services Corporation, a government-funded and not-for-profit organization.

The Legal Service Corporation offers free legal advice to seniors and also represents low incoming earning adults.

8. Free Tax Preparation for Seniors over the Age of 60

Seniors over the age of 60 who are unable to hire an expert due to fee charges can get help regarding tax preparation from the AARP foundation Tax Aid program.

This program offers free advice on all tax-related issues as well as free tax preparation services.

9. Free Education for Seniors

Seniors can also get free education and acquire new skills, hobbies, or credits from various sources such as:

City and Country Rec Programs

Seniors can easily contact their city or country recreational department to help provide them with course guides to choose from.


Duolingo is an app that is free for all ages. Seniors can learn various languages and engage in other fun activities on this app.

Local Libraries/Reading Halls

Seniors who seek to acquire computer knowledge or learn more about computers can contact their local public library. These libraries offer free courses to seniors on computer packages.

Public Colleges & Universities

There are some state-run schools that offer free tuition and discounted rate tuition for seniors or retirees. You can easily contact them for help and more information.

10. Free Or Low Cost Insurance Deals for Seniors above 60

Seniors can get free and low insurance deals from various sources such as:

Allstate Car Insurance Discount

Seniors can save up on car insurance through Allstate.

Farmers Discounted Insurance

Seniors over 60 qualify for an insurance discount to an extent from the farmer’s insurance.

Home Insurance Discounted Deals

Seniors can get a discount of up to 15% on Home Insurance discount. To qualify, you have to check your eligibility with the Home Insurer.

USAA Discounted Insurance Policies

Seniors can score an annual bonus rebate towards their premiums and if they are vets, they can get insurance through USAA. you can get insurance for 40 years on this platform.

Top 10 Deals & Discounts for Seniors Over 60

what is free for over 60

These are the top 10 Deals & Discounts for Seniors Over 60:

  1. Iceland‘s over 60’s discount: seniors over 60 receive a 105 discount every Tuesday at their local shop.
  2. Boots over 60’s reward scheme: members of the boots reward scheme earn points on every cash spent which can be redeemed in-store. They can also stand a chance to win free prizes through exclusive prize draws and a 25% discount off their first pair of glasses from the boots opticians.
  3. Winter fuel payment scheme: the government provides financial support towards winter energy for individuals over 60 between November and December.
  4. Free NHS dental, eye tests, and prescriptions: discounts are made available for seniors over 60 by the NHS for free dental, eye tests, and prescriptions.
  5. Hungry horse meal discounts: hungry horses offer discounts on courses to individuals over 60.
  6. Senior railcard: seniors who invest in senior Railcard earn discounts off all their brail fares.
  7. Odeon’s silver cinema club: seniors get to enjoy new releases with complimentary tea, biscuits, and coffee from Odeon’s silver cinema club.
  8. Discounts at Specsavers: Specsavers offer a 20% discount on frames and lenses to individuals over 60.
  9. Free bus pass: individuals over 60 can claim a free bus pass.
  10. Free TV license: if you are over 60 and receive pension credit, you are eligible to also get a free TV license

If you live in CA, check out these deals on Free Phones for Seniors in California.

How to get Free Stuff for Seniors Over 60

Follow these to get free stuff for seniors over 60:

  1. Age of 60 and above.
  2. Meet the income guideline.
  3. Be a participant in a discount club or government assistance program.
  4. Apply for freebies from government assistance service providers who offer free stuff for seniors over 60.

How to Take Advantage of Discounts for Senior Citizens Over 60

To take advantage of discounts for senior citizens over 60, you have to ensure you are eligible since most businesses ask for proof of eligibility  like a discount club membership card and proof of age. Some discount clubs that you can join to ensure you take advantage of the available free stuff for seniors over 60 are:

  1. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).
  2. The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC).
  3. Senior Discounts Club.

What is Free for Over 60?

These are the free stuff for seniors over 60 are:

  1. State pension.
  2. Winter fuel payment.
  3. Discounted public transport.
  4. Tv license concessions.
  5. Healthcare services.

Free Stuff for Seniors Over 60 UK?

These are the top 5 free stuff for seniors over 60 UK:

1. Free dental care and eye test

In the UK, individuals over 60 receive free NHS eye tests, dental treatment, and prescriptions.

2. Free TV License

If you are over 60 and receive pension guarantee credits and live in a care home, you can get a free TV license.

3. Winter Fuel Payment

Seniors who receive state pension, JSA, pension credits, and other benefits can also receive automatic free tax sum to aid with extra heating costs.

4. Insulation and Heating Schemes

Seniors are allowed to claim free insulation and heating improvements like a new boiler.

5. T Mobile Free Tablet for Seniors

Tmobile provides a program for seniors to receive a tablet for free. Check out my post on T Mobile Free Tablet for Seniors to know more.

FAQs on Free Stuff for Seniors Over 60

These are the most frequently asked questions about Free Stuff for Seniors Over 60:

Do Over 60s Get Free Dental Treatment?

Yes, individuals over 60 are entitled to free NHS dental treatment.


When it comes to receiving free stuff for seniors over 60, never be afraid to ask for a discount! Various local businesses gladly offer free deals and discounts for senior citizens, so there’s no shame in checking. Also, keep in mind most of these policies can vary from location to location, so it can’t hurt to call ahead and get better insight when in doubt.


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