Safelink Free Phone Upgrade: How to Get & Top 5 Models

Safelink Free Phone Upgrade

I did not know getting a free phone upgrade could be this easy until I tried upgrading my Safelink Phone.

It wasn’t just easy, I also enjoyed a newer phone with better features!

In this article, I will share with you each step I took to get my Safelink free phone upgrade with ease.

What Is the Safelink Free Phone Upgrade Offer?

The Safelink Free Phone Upgrade offer allows participants of the Safelink program to upgrade their free phones to newer models with better features and capabilities.

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Follow these steps to get the Safelink Free Phone Upgrade:

  1. Check your eligibility by visiting the Safelink website or calling their customer service.
  2. Choose the phone model you want to upgrade to.
  3. Contact Safelink customer service via phone or online chat to request a free phone upgrade.
  4. Ship your old phone back to Safelink. You must send your old phone within 60 days of receiving your new phone, or else you will be charged a fee.
  5. Activate your new phone. The instructions for activation will be included in the package containing your new phone.

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Eligibility Criteria

These are the Eligibility Criteria to get a Safelink Free Phone Upgrade:

  1. Be an active participant in the Safelink program
  2. Have a valid Safelink phone number
  3. Have used Safelink services for at least 12 months
  4. Not have received a phone upgrade within the last 12 months.

Documents Required

These are the Documents Required for a Safelink Free Phone Upgrade:

  1. A valid government issued ID (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport)
  2. Your Safelink phone number
  3. Your Safelink account information
  4. Your old phone (to be shipped back to Safelink).

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These are the Free Phone Models Available for Upgrade Through Safelink:

  1. LG Stylo 4.
  2. Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit.
  3. Alcatel TCL LX.
  4. ZTE Zfive C LTE.
  5. Motorola Moto e5 GO.

This table compares the Safelink Free Phone Upgrade Options:

Phone ModelDisplay SizeCameraProcessorRAMStorageBattery
LG Stylo 46.2 inches13 MPocta core Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor.2 GB30 GB3300 mAh
Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit5 inches8 MPExynos 34752 GB16 GB2600 mAh 
Alcatel TCL LX5.34 inches8 MPMediaTek MT67392 GB16 GB2460 mAh
ZTE Zfive C LTE5 inches5 MPQualcomm Snapdragon 2101 GB8 GB2200 mAh
Motorola Moto e5 GO5.7 inches8 MPSnapdragon 4252 GB16 GB4000 mAh 

These are what to consider when choosing a phone for your Safelink upgrade:

  1. Display size: The larger the display size, the better the viewing experience.
  2. Camera: The higher the MP count of the camera, the better the picture quality
  3. Processor: A powerful processor will provide smoother and faster performance
  4. RAM: The more RAM a phone has, the faster it can run multiple applications
  5. Storage: A phone with higher storage capacity will allow you to store more data and files
  6. Battery: Look for a phone with a higher battery capacity for longer usage

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Safelink does provide free phone replacements to participants of their program. If your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged, you can request a replacement phone by contacting Safelink customer service. However, you must pay a fee if your phone was lost or stolen due to negligence or misuse.

Benefits of Safelink Free Phone Upgrade

These are the Benefits of Safelink Free Phone Upgrade:

  1. Upgrading your phone will give you access to newer and better features
  2. Newer phones come with better processors and more RAM, providing faster and smoother performance
  3. Newer phones come with larger display sizes, allowing for better viewing experiences
  4. A newer phone will provide you with more storage space for your applications and files
  5. Newer phone models generally come with larger battery capacities, providing longer usage times.

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These are the most frequently asked questions about Safelink Free Phone Upgrade:

How can I upgrade my phone to Safelink?

To upgrade your phone on Safelink, contact their customer service via phone or online chat and request a free phone upgrade.

Do I need to pay anything for the Safelink Free Phone Upgrade?

You don’t have to pay anything for the Safelink free phone upgrade. It’s a free service provided by the Safelink program.

Can I Upgrade My SafeLink Flip Phone and Get a Smartphone?

You can upgrade your Safelink flip phone to a smartphone through the free phone upgrade offer.


The Safelink free phone upgrade program is a great opportunity for low income individuals to access modern communication technology. With a new phone, users can enjoy better internet speeds, larger storage space, better camera quality, and many more features.


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