AARP Cell Phones for Seniors Free: Top 5 Smartphones

AARP Cell Phones for Seniors 2023

When initially searching for a user-friendly cell phone for my elderly mother, I was overwhelmed.

However, after discovering AARP’s free phones offered especially for senior citizens, I was relieved.

These easy-to-use devices, which significantly improved my mother’s life and minimized my tech support role, could be the solution if you’re in a similar situation.

This article lists the top 5 AARP Cell Phones for Seniors, their plans, the application process, and more.

What are AARP Cell Phones for Seniors?

AARP Cell Phones for Seniors are devices and plans that cater to the unique needs of older adults, offering features such as larger buttons, simplified menus, and emergency services.

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Top 5 AARP Cell Phones for Seniors 2024

AARP Cell Phones for Seniors

These are the Top 5 AARP Cell Phones for Seniors:

1. Jitterbug Smart3

The Jitterbug Smart3 from Lively easily checks the box as one of the best aarp recommended smartphone for seniors. It is because of a large, bright, and responsive touchscreen, a simplified menu, long battery life, and precise voice typing and commands.

The Jitterbug Smart3 also pairs well with hearing aids and Bluetooth devices, making it popular among hearing-impaired seniors.

Moreover, the Jitterbug Smart3 offers optional medical alert features, which can be added for a monthly fee.

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2. Kyocera DuraXV Extreme

With a reasonable rate of hearing impairment among seniors, the Kyocera DuraXV Extreme is the perfect option with its 100+ dB dual speakers, noise cancellation feature, and hearing aid compatibility rating of M4/T4—the highest rating any cell phone can get.

The Kyocera DuraXV Extreme flip phone is suitable for hearing-impaired seniors.

In addition to the aforementioned features, the Kyocera also supports SMS, calls, and internet access. It also has a 5 MP camera and is highly resistant to water and harsh temperatures.

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3. Alcatel Go-Flip 3

The Alcatel Go-Flip 3 stands out from most flip phones in that it has the basic features of a smartphone. Perhaps, the best of these features is its Google Assistant, which makes it easier for seniors to book or check doctor’s appointments, make calls, send texts, and do many more using voice commands.

The Alcatel Go-Flip 3 also comes with hearing aid compatibility and a large tactile keyboard, which makes it a great choice for seniors.

Also, its 2.8-inch internal display makes it easier to read texts and emails. And its 1.44-inch external display lets users see who’s calling without opening the phone.

4. Samsung Galaxy A13

The Samsung Galaxy A13 is the ideal choice for seniors. With 50 hours of talk time, 17 days of standby time, and a fast charging feature, you don’t have to worry about your battery dying as fast as most phones.

The Galaxy A13 also offers many nice features, including a 50 MP rear camera and a fingerprint sensor. 

The Link II offers basic cell phone features, including texts, calls, large keys to aid dialing, and an inbuilt camera. It also features hearing aid compatibility and a bright display, making it a good option for seniors.

But perhaps what makes this phone so popular is that it’s cheaper than most other flip phones.

With a $59 upfront cost and monthly plans as low as $2, the Link II is a great choice for any senior on a tight budget.

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Comparing AARP Cell Phones for Seniors 2024

This table compares all the AARP Cell Phones for Seniors:

AARP Cell Phone ModelMemory CapacityCamera QualityBattery CapacityScreen Display
Jitterbug Smart332 GB13+ MP 3500 mAh6.2-inch display 
Kyocera DuraXV Extreme16 GB5.0 MP2000 mAh2.6-inch display 
Alcatel Go-Flip 332 GB 2 MP2000 mAh2.8-inch display 
Samsung Galaxy A1332 GB50 MP5,000 mAh6.6-inch display
Consumer Cellular’s Link II8 GB2 MP1,600 mAh2.8-inch display

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What is the Best AARP Cell Phone for Seniors in 2024?

The best AARP cell phone for seniors in 2024 is the Jitterbug Flip Smart2, mainly due to its built-in SOS emergency button.

Other features of this phone include a dual camera, a simple navigation menu, a large screen, a long-lasting battery, and compatibility with hearing aids.

Top 5 AARP Senior Cell Phone Plans

These are the Top 5 AARP Senior Cell Phone Plans:

  1. Consumer Cellular: Known for its senior-friendly services, Consumer Cellular offers no-contract plans that start at $20/month for unlimited talk, text, and a modest amount of data. There’s a 5% discount for AARP members.
  2. GreatCall/Jitterbug: Specializing in devices and plans for seniors, GreatCall’s Jitterbug phones come with health and safety features. Plans start at $14.99/month for 200 minutes.
  3. AT&T Senior Nation Plan: Available for those 65 and older, it offers 200 anytime minutes, and 500 night and weekend minutes for $29.99/month. AARP members can save up to $10/month per line.
  4. T-Mobile Unlimited 55+: For $27.50 per line per month, customers 55 and older get unlimited talk, text, and LTE data. There’s also free stuff every Tuesday via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app.
  5. Verizon 55 Plus Plan: Available to seniors 55 and over in select states, it provides unlimited talk, text, and data for $40 per line per month with 2 lines.

Features of AARP Cell Phones for Seniors

These are the top Features of AARP Cell Phones for Seniors:

1. Large Screen Display

AARP cell phones feature large screens to suit seniors, especially those who have issues with their sight. This feature also ensures that seniors do not struggle to read texts on their screens or watch videos sent to them.

2. Assistive Touch

The above-mentioned accessibility feature is present on both Android and iPhone AARP cell phones. This feature allows one to get a seamless response when the screen is touched.

3. Siri Assistant

Most AARP cell phones, mostly the iPhone models, feature Siri which acts as a guide to perform various functions. This feature on AARP cell phones makes it easy for seniors to carry out functions on their phones by simply instructing Siri

4. LED Light

AARP phones for seniors come with an LED light that can be set to flash when a call comes in as a form of notification.

5. Sound Amplifier

AARP cell phones for seniors feature sound amplifiers, which help filter noise and amplify faint noise. This feature makes it possible to have very clear communications over the phone.

6. Long-Lasting Battery

AARP cell phones feature strong and long-lasting batteries with over 4000 mAh capacity, making them very suitable for seniors who may forget sometimes to charge their phones.

How to Apply for a Senior AARP Cell Phone

How to Apply for a Senior AARP Cell Phone

To Apply for a Senior AARP Cell Phone, you have to be a registered member of AARP.

So, ensure you meet the below-mentioned eligibility criteria:

If you are already a participant in any government assistance program like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Supplemental Security Income, Federal Public Housing Assistance, or Medicaid, then you are eligible to apply for an AARP cell phone.

Also, if your income rate is below or at 135% of the federal poverty guidelines, you can apply for an AARP cell phone.

Follow these steps to apply for a Senior AARP Cell Phone:

  1. Select A Participating cell phone Provider
  2. Request a Lifeline application for an AARP cell phone from the company in your area. 
  3. Fill out the application with accurate information.
  4. Provide the required documents.
  5. Submit your application and wait for a response. If you qualify, you should get your cell phone within 4 to 5 days.

How to Choose AARP Free Phones for Seniors?

These points should be kept in mind before choosing AARP free phones for seniors:

1. The Company’s Reputation

When choosing an AARP cell phone provider, the company’s reputation over the years should be the first thing that comes to mind.

Consider how long the cell phone provider has been in service and the results they have gathered throughout their operation, whether good or bad.

If a provider has been in business for a long time, it means they are intent on longevity, which shows that they have a good reputation.

2. Contract Structure

A good AARP cell phone provider should sell the best brands at affordable prices without restrictive contracts.

Avoid providers that offer cell phone services with contracts that come with harsh penalties when you try to leave such contracts before the intended time.

3. Good Customer Service

With cell phones, there will always be a time when you will need assistance. You will have to call customer care service at that point for help.

Make sure to choose a cell phone provider with good policies and friendly customer service. Look out for cell phone providers that hold their customers in high esteem.

4. Phone Brands and Devices

You should also consider the mobile phones the company sells in its deals. Go for a cell phone provider that can sell the best phones from the biggest brands in the world. Also, consider the type of devices like routers the cell phone provider offers.

Benefits of AARP Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

These are the benefits of ARRP cell phone plans for seniors:

  1. Unlimited talk time and texts that help seniors stay connected without worries about buying new plans.
  2. Seniors get discounts on data plans, which allows them to save up more money to make other necessary purchases.
  3. AARP cell phone plans are easy to afford, even for senior citizens.

Advantages of Choosing an AARP Cell Phone Plan Over Other Options

These are the advantages of choosing an AARP cell phone plan over other options:

  1. AARP cell phone plans come with over 50% discounts, especially for low-income earning seniors.
  2. AARP cell phone plans are way cheaper than those of other companies.
  3. You can get unlimited talk time and texts from AARP cell phones for free.

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FAQs on AARP Cell Phones for Seniors

These are the most frequently asked questions on AARP Cell Phones for Seniors:

Are there discounts for AARP members on cell phone plans?

Several providers offer discounts to AARP members, including Consumer Cellular and AT&T.

Do AARP cell phones for seniors offer internet/data plans?

Yes, many AARP cell phone plans include data, but the amount will depend on the specific plan and provider.

Can I add additional lines to my AARP cell phone plan?

Most providers will allow you to add additional lines to your plan, but the cost and conditions will vary.


Cell phones are very important for senior citizens in our society today. It helps provide a convenient method of communication with family, friends, and caregivers, especially during emergencies. That’s why it is important to get AARP Cell Phones for Seniors.

Individuals over 50 can enroll in an AARP membership to enjoy their cellular plan discounts or AARP Cell Phones for Seniors. Participating cell phone providers offering discounts exclusively for AARP members include Sprint, Cricket Wireless, AT&T,  Consumer Cellular, and others.


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